Full Ab Workout

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This is a full abdominal workout routine. In this routine we demonstrate ab exercises for the lower abs, as well as upper abs and lower abs. In this ab workout the three movements demonstrated are Cable Crunches, Hip Thrusts and Seated Leg Raises to give you good core strength.

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Adam Cooke says:

why does he look like hes about to burst out laughing the whole time

Dan Morin says:

how come you guys dont have a demo for a good leg day routine? 

Hardy James says:

lol "bum" @ 1:48.5

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Javad Eghtedari says:

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thushyanthan yogananthan says:

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Blake Vette says:

Probably best to do all of them in a circuit, and repeat 3-4 times. 10-15 reps each rotation

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