Four Advanced Ab Exercises for Hard Abs

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Are you ready to step up your ab workouts? The basic crunch is a great place to start building your core strength, but at a certain point it’s good to start mixing things up a bit to keep yourself motivated and keep your core strength and toning headed in the right direction. These four advanced level ab exercises are perfect for doing just that.

The four advanced ab exercises shown in this video incorporate balance and a little more strength building effort by using some weights:

1) Rope Climb
2) Corkscrew
3) Russian Twists (requires a weighted object)
4) Plank Extensions

Just a reminder, these exercises are challenging so bring yourself up to a level that allows you to push yourself, but doesn’t cause your body harm. Try a few at first and get comfortable with the movements.

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ShreedharReddy Mereddy says:

It is very effective for abs! Awesome Amazing Zing Zing Zing Zing Zing Zing Zing!!!!!!

Laxmi Rana says:

plz help me becoz my college frnd give me chllng to make six abs within one month plz..???

Amanda Stevens says:

The first 3 are really fun and easy for me.

Elvira Narian says:

I cant do this for thr life of me😔

Shaheena Anwar says:

I tend to avoid oblique as I want to have a thin waist. Please advise if this is a valid reason ?

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