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SF7 Steflovic Filipo – Flexing ABS

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Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash Feat. John Martin – Reload

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Xenomorph 1031 says:

I think I’m in Love 💯😍💯😍💚♥️🔥🔥😍😍

Haley Centeno says:

at like 0:37 his leg bulges

Kenny S. Bluford says:

Six pack abs are the epitome of sex appeal so it's no wonder so many people spend hours in the gym or doing thousands of crunches at home to get them but realistically it doesn't require all that activity.

Joseph Watkins says:

Wow, nice abs. Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless! 🙂

Bryson Tresvant says:

You six pack is great

miconalma says:

what happens at 0:36 is pure perfection

spyderNJ75 says:


SF7SteflovicFilipo says:

Přidej si mě na mých FB fan page a je možné že do budoucna tam něco bude, zatím tam dávám např. jídla a tak
SF7 Steflovic Filipo – Fan club

Waynelolz says:

nechceš někdy někde hodit tvuj jidelníček?:D

Michal xMIke says:

Tak to je mazec 😉

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