Flatten Your Belly, Slim Your Thighs & Firm Your Butt In 2 Weeks

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Today’s workout video is a killer combo that targets the major problem areas in our bodies that hinder us from getting a slimmer, sexier body!

In just 2 weeks by doing this video for 14 minutes everyday, you can maximize your workout by exercising your whole body to get a flat belly, slimmer thighs, and a firm butt!

Do this workout at-home, no equipment needed and get yourself ready in time for summer.

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Are you excited to work your way to your summer body goals? Then let’s begin!❤️💪

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Drishti Singh says:

Plz.. make a video on how to loss leg calves plz.. mam…
Plz.. reply..

Dily Hunny says:

Hello RobertasGym! Could you also do a video like this to slim down the arms?

Priya Mishra says:

Hiiii Roberto… I have pcos and my weight is 62 and height is 5.6 I want to loose 7 to 8 kg but I couldn't please suggest me which exsercise should be followed by me please reply I am very frustrated about my weight.. It's increasing day by day….. Please help me….🙏🙏🙏🙏

Fish pancake says:

Day 1= Complete
Day 2 = Complete
Day 3 = Complete
Day 4 = Complete
Day 5 = Complete.
Day 6 = Complete
Day 7 = Complete.

I will be exercising for 56 minutes each day and the last 14 minutes I will be doing this exercise , I have started exercising about 3 months ago and I wanted to add this exercise to it and I will be dieting well , see you with my results on the last day!

Update: I am now 49.9 kg!
Day 8 : Completed
Day 9 : Completed
Day 10 : Completed
Day 11 : Completed

Apoorva mercy says:

Hi Roberta pls upload some exercises to reduce side hips fat

Dhivya Srinivasan says:

OMG! All your videos are awesome….. now I'm getting confused which one to do!

Sophie Rashid says:

Successfully completed the work out Alihamdulilah

M Solis says:

these vids are amazing!!! there so helpful!! a about a week ago I started doing your workouts and i already see improvements. I enjoy them so much and I truly want to thank you.

Mahwish Iqbal says:

Thank you so much for such a great and easy workout

Emy Pau says:

Very good, thanks 🙏

Bethany_ gymnast_roblox says:

Hi I am a 10 year old I have been doing a weight loss challenge because I’m 88 pounds and I have big thighs and I have been doing the kid workout from you will this be good for me to do also I was 97pounds for those who wanted to know but no I’m 88

Valene Parris says:

you make the best exercise videos

Sonika Lamboria says:

Hey Roberta plzzz make videos on height increase 🙏🙏

niharika kumari says:

Hey.. It is possible to increase height??? bcz I want to increase my height m now 5ft 2 inch and 25 year old..

Farooq Ahmed says:

Thanks. Does your these type of workouts needs warm up and cool down

Vaishnavee Seshachalam says:

Thank you roberta for this video. I downloaded some of ur videos and doing workout

priyanka Kataria says:

Hi. Robert please weight lose exercise for stomach surgery people please………

Sunitha Kummetha says:

Hi my weight is 100 kgs pls tell diet plan also

Awi Rajpoot says:

Hi Roberta plsssss plsss make video on lower body part,i want to get a tone body as my bro's wedding well be held in next month,,so i need this type of exc..plss help..Thanks a lot..❤❤

shruthi dharaboina says:

I'm 22 yrs old..height 5.4 ..weight 75…
Please will u tell me the correct weight to my height???

heera kannan says:

mam add courtsy lunges and skaters ,right V,left v too in upcmng videos pls

ogochukwu stella says:

Very effective

Sunita Bharti says:

Hi Roberta….. Thanks for this awesome workout

Satra King says:

Hi Roberto. I want to reduce 5 kgs and want to reduce belly fat, waist, thighs, fat in upper back. Which workout would be better for me. Nd when can I see the change

hajira rehman says:

How many cakoeies burnt ?? Love ur workouts, what diet plan should we follow ♥️💪

Giggles_ Giggles says:

I don't like the rest time, its annoying

Aicha La Nigérienne says:

I'm here doing it

FADEL 6.10 says:


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