Flatten your belly: 3 simple exercises with weights for lower abdominal muscles

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With these three simple exercises with weights you will target your lower abs and shape the tummy you’ve always wanted.

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manjit kaur says:

what kind of diet should we follow along with this workout?

Sonya Barrera says:

I'm gonna try it

John Terry says:

can someone give me the schedule?how many times per week do i need to do this?and how many set?

Loraine says:

thanks a ton

cbudzyn says:

A quick question, when the last exercise was being done, it appeared the demonstrator was using momentum to speed up the exercise. Is that how is should be done? I want to make sure I understood it correctly. Thank You.

Marilyn Webster says:

Thank you sooo much. As a senior I find the beginner exercises perfect. 😃

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