Flat Stomach + Bigger Butt | Meals & Workout 2017

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Flat stomach and bigger butt workout and meals! Budget friendly breakfast ideas that are great for a flat stomach as well as a butt workout no squats!!


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30 fire hydrants
30 leg lifts
50 seconds weight twist
Repeat this workout 3 times on each leg for a more intense workout!
***How many days a week?
you should work your glutes 3x a week for them to grow. Therefore you can do this workout once if you want to do my other two workouts twice. Anyway you want to mix and match is up to you:)

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Monika Šujanová says:

I wanna ask, is it concentrate or isolate? Thank you so much

Dee R says:

What are the chia seeds for?

mommyandbella show says:

SAME i only do home work outs

Georgia Cherry says:

How many times a day should this workout be down?

Kubby Agbomah says:

Man…I want to start exercising for the first time in my life but I'm tired just watching you…. I think the biggest challenge I'm going to face is commitment

Lisa Landeros says:

ok pls be my trainer i suck at doing all this cause i give up 🙁


Felt the burn real quick
I'm so out of shape I could only do 2 side legs after the first workout pmg😭😆

Ivy Mendoza says:

lmao don’t y’all think it’s funny how people make these videos to get a bigger booty and actually are flat……💀😂

Real. HanHan says:

I subscribe to youuu becouse you was pretty & yuu said you only did home workouts💛that all youu had to say 💛where yuu get your shits from?.

Nena Rie says:

when you say you just workout at home, oh i wanna do it! and your video is the most realistic i ever seen..

Jessica Nice says:

am I the only one that thought that purple thing at 6:04 was a jackrabit adult toy? lol i realized quickly it wasnt but thats what my mind went straight too lol

Derrika Wiley says:

Where can you get those chia seeds?

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