FLAT BELLY Workout (4 Best Ab Exercises For a FLATTER STOMACH!!)

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Best exercises for a flat belly

This flat belly workout will show you exactly how to get a flat stomach in just 4 ab exercises. And these aren’t just any abs exercises. In our opinion these will give you the best ab workout possible, because it works the upper and lower abs and obliques!

Here are the four best exercises to help you get a flat tummy:

1) Spiderman Knee-Ups — Shoot for 3 sets of 12 of this great abs exercise that works the transverse abdominus and the obliques

2) Plank Rotation — Turn side to side. This plank variation will challenge the core and your balance.

3) Leg Lifts — Push in your stomach in with each rep, and you can engage the upper abs as well if you like.

4) Heels to the Heavens — These work the lower abs, which is what really helps you get flat abs.

If you’re working on a flat belly, definitely include these exercises in your ab workouts, but don’t forget about healthy nutrition which is equally if not more important to flatten your stomach!

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Z Gilletly says:

i love the fact that you dont have just planks. However I am struggling with the heels to the heaven. Is there a way to work up to that exercise?

Sloan Mannino says:

I wish i could favorite this 20 times

Alicia Njambi says:

Thnx alot for the tips they realy helped

Dirt Poor says:

Nice!  I got stiff hips and usually when I do leg lifts my hips knock and pop at the joints.  But the hands under the butt thingy really helped!  Wish i would have known sooner.

Christine Wong says:

How many reps n sets for a begginer?

Quynh and Victoria Do Stuffz says:

Thank you !!

Quynh and Victoria Do Stuffz says:

Thanks for awesome tips … Please share meals plan??

andrea a says:

You look like you could do those leg lifts for hours; making it look all easy, shoooot

Angela Vicini says:

yay new vid 😀  your hair looks so shiny btw lol. thank you for the workout. 

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