Fitness Model Nutrition Plan (EXACTLY WHAT SHE EATS!!)

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This fitness model nutrition plan will show you exactly what this fitness model eats to stay lean and strong. Instead of the typical fitness model diet advice, she’ll show you precisely what she eats in the course of the day on her muscle building meal plan. You can get a fat burning diet plan like hers here:

On this fitness model diet plan, there’s no starvation, no counting calories or macros and no restriction. On ATHLEAN XX for Women your fat burning nutrition plan has you eating foods you love 5-6 times per day. This is no ‘diet plan’ but rather a total lifestyle change. However this muscle building nutrition plan is sustainable. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods. In fact, chocolate is actually part of our fitness model nutrition plan.

Take this fitness model nutrition advice to heart. Feed your muscles. Don’t eat too little because you’ll be sabotaging your success. You need to eat lots of whole foods to get lean!

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cosmicj88 says:

this diet sounds boring and painful.

Canadian says:

i would say needs more veggies

Anna Taglialatela says:


La Thinktopian says:

Sadly, avacados are water hogs and most of the market for them is controlled by cartels. Is there something other than avacados that would be a better substitute?

T BLK says:

I don’t understand people’s love for avocado, it has no flavor and it’s texture is mushy and slimey

Zoya Fleisher says:

Thank you very much for your video! It was useful for me. I have question: how I make my metabolism work faster? Is about eating or training?

Anita Jaggarnath says:

At least she's not lying….and only putting apples and salad…must hv carbs to lift like a man

Dana S says:

I started workout for too months and I lift weights I started with low weights and I’m increasing the weights gradually but I’m losing weight I lost 3 kg I thought I will gain weight because I will gain muscle ? I don’t know how many calories a day should I take and how many grams of protein? The highest weights I lift is 32 kg and I’m 52kg my hight is 153cm and I’m 30 years old any advice please

zanete2bura says:

Great video! I'm sure she eats something different every now and then, not eating the exact same thing every single day. You could eat this regularly but add whatever you want, I use this website called and it does everything for me I just have to put in my numbers and food and ta-da I eat.

lovie 2 Cook says:

Yo u look like a man in the thumbnail

Andreea Corina says:

Take in account the fact she changes these diets once a month or so. She is right, since she has built muscles it requires more carbs and protein to help fuel and recover the muscle.
I am a fan of athlean xx and I always incorporate your exercises in my workout schedule. My body improved a lot as with time I learned how to activate every each muscle of my body. My issue as you said in the very first beginning, it's the diet because I can't be consistent for too long since I love sweets or junk foods in general. But I am fighting against that and I try to have a cheat day a week so I motivate myself.
I am always happy to see your videos.
Take care!

Coco Poco says:

Love you but this is terrible light and camera… I think…

Dawn Hertz says:

I want to start weight training, perhaps body building. I’m 65 years old and I have some weight/body fat to lose. I know lots of that starts with what I eat, but what should I eat in a day as a beginner weight trainer? Where do I begin?

susan hyland says:

you are young, when a person gets older your metabolizm is slower i am older woman La La

cigall says:

Regarding eggs: research has now completely debunked the idea that the yolk (due to cholesterol) is bad for you, and found there is no association between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol (because the body can and does make its own cholesterol) — so I'm a bit surprised to still hear fitness- and healthy-lifestyle oriented people still throw away the yolk and only use the whites. The yolk contains most of the egg's nutrients, including lutein, which is very beneficial for eye health.

Just Jen says:

Instant oatmeal has a high-glycemic level!!! Ugh smh

Lisbeth Stephens says:

You showed us your groceries, why not your meals? Or do you not eat meals?

Jennifer Rogers says:

I know this is an old posting, but where do you buy the brown rice tortillas and what exactly is the packaged meat that you have in the video and where do you buy that as well? Thank you.

Bel Harper says:

A low fuss busy womans eating plan…all whole foods that are quick and easy, nothing processed very healthy and at a guess abt 1800 cal a day which is what you need to maintain a lean body while lighting heavy..probs more cals actually. She is so muscular she's just burning cals all the time. Thanks Amy Jo another great post.

Nicole Williams says:

More worried about her lack of greens!

Spider Girl says:

That's exactly what I eat!!!(:

melissa gibbs says:

Don't u eat anything after dinner? I couldn't do that. To me that seems very little food

Gabriela One says:

Where is the greens?

Reina Sanchez says:

Thats alot to eat & nice & low

Sean Ferri says:

Love that brand of yogurt! I melt 1 tsp of local honey and mix it in to sweeten it.

sharichristou says:

Lots of processed food but the apple is organic. Hmmmmm.

HipFit SoooGood says:

I love the way you mix the egg in with the quinoa or rice! Great idea and very healthy. Fabulous way to get protein. Thanks for that!

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