Fighter Core Workout: 3min Abs Routine

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Here is a core workout routine that you can follow along to, to burn the abs, low back, and hips. This 3-minute drill is great for developing strength, endurance, and building muscle whether you’re going for aesthetics or function.

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Samuel Hoffmann says:

Is an intense but short ab workout as effective as a long one ?

Krishna Upadhyay says:

Man how many times a week I'm supposed to do that ab routine…???

robot gaming says:

I wish you'll present on UFC or MMA championship guy

Billy Bob says:

Excellent workout for me. Good series of sets to start with and prepare for more. Thank you.

Some random guy That likes memes says:

This video helps me a lot. Thanks

Terry McWilliams says:

Yall have been doing such a great job than

Romello Walker says:

Can we get a video on weight lifting for lower body and upper body

Burning Hammer says:

I tried this it was hard it looks easy

Potato Ass says:

This workout is 10/10

Mohammed Sami says:

Hey Shane plzz help me I feel so confident that I can hit my opponent when I'm imagining that I am hitting him when is not infront of me …..but when he is in front of me I become nervous… well that's a common point ok …….
But while it's come to hitting him or beating with my hands and legs automatically doesn't allow me to hit whats negativity with me … I fear while hitting him my hands don't allow me to hit when enemy is in front of me what should I do to hit him ..and this is my first fight
So brother brother pllzzzzzzz respond my question reply answer my answer….. why my hands get shut and can't be raised on enemy when he is in front of me plzzzzzzz reply😭😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖

Anonymous says:

Could I train this with an anterior pelvic tilt if I exclude the hip flexor dominant leg raises?

Davido Star says:

2019 ! POW 💥

Joseph Cormack says:

Perfect , going to get shredded with this along with my regular.

aelmarrio91 says:

So THAT'S what my lower core feels like. Thanks!

Colton Miller says:

Do a lower body workout with coach pj

Conor Tierney says:

Please do a lower body workout

woai ni says:

They make it look easy ! This work out is very hard .

lil nef says:

Damn this one was painfully Worth it lmao

Tom Alder says:

upper body and core vids have been great! i hope a leg workout is coming soon too.

Stoller Reinhard says:

Well, that just kicked my butt

Mees Broersen says:

Love these 3-minute workouts! Could you do one more for legs/cardio? I use this one (and the upper-body workout) as a warmup routine and it's working great for me!

frank hernandez says:

Yo this is harder than it looks lmao!👍🏼

Gabriel Chapman says:

So Shane, I’ve been struggling for a long time trying to do proper sit ups and I’m always having trouble doing them without feeling the pressure on my lower back rather than my abdominals, which I’m told is not good, what would you say is the secret or trick I guess to doing a proper sit up?

blackjaguar324 says:

Aren't straight-leg sit ups bad for your back? I was warned never to do those.

Youtube Influx says:

Every time I do leg raises, it feels like there is a lump in my leg that is insanely painful. I only feel it when doing straight leg raises and it's high up in my thigh. Anyone else get that?

Gorav Lubana says:

Butts exercise plzz

michael welliver says:

You sounded little bit tired so my out of shape ass is gonna be dead

randy palla says:

Bruce Lee work out was mad

K A-T says:

That was tough

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