Fat Burning Workout for a Flat Tummy (HIIT + Cardio, 113 calories)

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This simple and effective body weight workout is for those that have some extra tummy fat, and want to get rid of it at home – with no equipment and no gym necessary.

The exercises only require your body weight. The workout structure is designed so that it elevates your metabolism rate, combining cardio exercises and abdominal exercises, in a HIIT style.

Leave me a comment and tell me if it was easy or hard for you. I read all the comments 100% and will reply back!

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Let’s begin!

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Wafa Mohammed says:

Is this works?

Navyasri Vanga says:

Not easy..not hard…
Finally…I did..this workout…


Hi there roberta! My name is litzy and i am very pleased with all your amazing workouts! I really need some motivation.I was going to ask if you could follow me on this journey.What i mean is that every day ill update how the workout went and you could give me some feedback? I would mean the world to me.If you cant i understand but if you accept to do it,Thankyou!

Vijay Ancy says:

Day 2 completed….😊

Vijay Ancy says:

Omgg!!!My legs…..😣😣
Give me some motivation plss…..i want to loose weight…

Silvia Ferreira De Sousa Parreira says:

E pra fazer quantas vezes por semana

Anaaya Kaur says:

It's nice please give me a heart mam

Ishu bme94 says:

Hi can u please tell me to which one should i follow to reduce my weight… Am 71 kg but ideal weight is 55kg… I don't know how i going to reduce 16kgs…

Obdulia Ambrocio says:

I gonna have to do this tonight

Obdulia Ambrocio says:

I subcribe to yur channel starting to love these kinds of excerise glad I found yur channel love you 😄

Aileen Wahab says:

Wow i want to say thant you for my every morning to good jod to my self

tanjila islam says:

when can i do it??

Abu Bakr says:

How much can i losse wight with these exercises in 3 or 4 month regulrlly

Singh gujjar Gujjar says:

Hello when i finish dinner how much time after do this

Fatima Fatimanaeem says:

I will start this workout today hope this works 😘😘😘

Feng Wang says:

So I try to do this workout with the 30 day workout changllenge that you have but I just can't do the reach through for 30 times… I can only do like 13

chichi O says:

I just want a flat tummy that's all, I don't wana loose weight on any other part of the body. This is ok for me, right?

Bethany wang says:

first time to try, very good exercise, Sweating a lot

Nilda Garcia says:

Im doing it 3nights now

creat your own style everybody says:

I m doing everyday but this one burpees so hurtful

Faizan S says:

Now I am in 9 month after c section, can do these exercise

Kristopher Mendoza says:

Im doing this for 2days now and i feel my tummy feels good . So excited for result. Ill do this exercise everyday.. I ready do!!!!
Thank you so much for this @roberta gym.

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