Fabulous Flat Abs for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho

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Guess what time it is? It’s six-pack time! Today is all about sculpting our abs with basic Pilates moves — I promise to go easy on you! The results are amazing, and we’re going to have so much fun!

Check out these animated GIFs for the routine: http://blogilates.com/animated-gifs/fabulous-flat-abs-gif-from-pilates-bootcamp

In Pilates Bootcamp, certified Pilates instructor Cassey Ho (aka Blogilates) showcases her POP Pilates style, where she takes you all the way through tough but fun Pilates workouts designed to tone your arms, your legs, your abs, your butt, and everything in between.

Printable workout here: http://blogilates.com/printables-2/pilates-bootcamp-fabulous-flat-abs-printable

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First Amendment to the United States Constitution says:

Learned some new moves ..for work outs.

macay. la says:

the first one was best

Alice Girard says:

excellent workout but certainly NOT a BEGINNER'S program !!!

Leslie Nizama says:

She's like this beautiful asian barbie she makes it look so easy

Juli J says:

I was a beginner. Just tried this. Had to take a short break in between, but I got through it. She's great instructor.

Abigail Brooks says:

This isn't easy!

anyaxxoo says:

I was able to do the reverse crunch!!! It was a first!

anyaxxoo says:

That was a great combo! Sometimes i feel like i can't get to the part where I'm really working my abs because my thighs or neck starts hurting before i feel the burn in my abs. I definitely felt my abs working with this series.

Diane Helvig says:

All of them!

Ikaa Rivera says:

This was great! I needed something to do at home real quick and this was perfect! Thank you!

wtf says:

i love the earthquake 😍

Juicylollipops says:

Do you know why i hear my back crack when i do my crisscross? I started pilates for a month already and everything was smooth until now.

Sheila Belk says:

OMG… Luv your workouts… And the 1000 ABS is beyond fantastic. Thank u soooooo much. Your amazing…

Fred Polster says:

You can get best workout for 10 dollars, just look on Unflexal workouts.

오주 says:

몇년전에 할때는 정말 힘들었는데 오랜만에 해보니 해볼만은 하네요 ㅎㅎ 너무신기..몸무겐 더 늘어있는데도..ㅠㅠ 앞으로 자주 해야겠어요~!

Miranda Small says:

I feel like she really rushed through the explanation of the exercises

Samita Sarkar says:

She looked so different back then.

Kendrauu says:

the amount of times I said "I can't do this anymore" during this 😂😂

Katerina Ermeidou says:

The earthquake move was absolutely amazing. I love that shake in the abs!

Taylor Baggins says:

Wow. That was quite the workout! Your optimistic charisma kept me going. I don't know if I count as a beginner since I'm a former gymnast, but that was hard! I love having a coach so I don't slack.

Cindee Tan says:

Be a strong woman 😊

Alondra Rangel says:

I loved the earthquake. it was so hard but felt so good st the same time

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