Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout

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Here’s one of my many home workouts that has gotten me very fast results! I hope this helps you in your goal for aesthetics =)

Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout

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Lloyd Cruz says:

idol .nice video keep inspiring ☺ .. sana ganyan rin katwan ko bro haha😂 .plz share ur weekly workout routine . .😂😂😂

Lehnsherr Eric says:

why sound like bitch

2reasons says:

Can't lie I'm kinda more focused on the cat

Soto Carlos says:

lmao nice workout and screams

Brian Green says:

Harder then I thought it would be, how often do you do this workout or suggest to do it at home?

Edward Lee says:

Got easy after a while, did 30 instead of 20 XP

Emmanuel M says:

Hey man, im gonna start getting built nd take up all the knowledge you're giving out, but u see im 6'2 nd im slim. I dnt have a workout schedule, nor do i know what kinda preworkout shakes to drink, nd a diet? What kinda music is this btw ?

B.C. Total Fitness says:

Nice vid bro! How tall are you?

Mark Vargas says:

And I dont have a big chest but its formed and ripped so yeah I do alot of push ups.

Mark Vargas says:

Genesis I did that and it was intense man I weigh almost like you your like what 135 and I'm like 130 or something I'm trying to bulk up gain weight but everytime I do that I burn all the fat. And yeah but good workout man and yeah awesome videos keep up the work. 💪

Mclevt M says:

Do the banana and sprite challenge ;D

RulenJon says:

is it more effective to do this everyday or every other day?

Frankie Repalda says:

This is amazing..maybe next time try doing a similar video but not wear socks. .try doing it completely in shorts and barefooted. .that would be a good idea to do it without wearing socks on your feet. That way you can stretch out your toes too and I hope you can vacation in Hawaii too and go barefooted too

Mark Ron says:

daaang. sexy mo tlga kuya. HAHAHA. great video too. gotta get shredded. haha

Randy Santos says:

Can't wait to try this work out! =D

Kevin says:

wooo!! I feel motivated! nothin like some good music to get you pumpin!

jcj224 says:

If you don't mind, can I ask what's your height?

BlackEssence says:

Wow! I'm sure the look easier to do! Whew!

Jara Villanueva says:

Let's see if I can do this. lol This might be easy for some people, but I know it will be challenging for me. haha

Berkut888 Gaming says:

cool video thanks, I'll try to those workouts cuz I'm starting to gain weight 🙁

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