Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout

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How to get SOLID 6 PACK ABS?
Try my extreme ab workout routine & enjoy the burn in your abs.

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Cordelia Blakeslee says:

I am sure that you will find good way to learn on workouts Unflexal handbooks.

Duca Schoenberg says:

You should go to Unflexal website, the best workout instructions.

Nurul Amin Fitness says:

keep going i will be

LogicMojo says:

yaar phale body bana ..bacha hai tu abhi..learn something from ….ppl like rob riches, sergi…

Rohit Kumar says:

Good job bro, keep it up, keep up loading.

Manuj Madan says:

Do you use any supplements?

D-Kay Charan says:

brother y konsi jagah h

sam thomas says:

Good physic bro :).. 3000+subscribers all the best keep moving…..

Vivek Tayde says:

Thanks Bro for this #Awesome Video I'll try it.. 😀

And Plz tell me #Song name also … 😉


hahaha …..district park janak puri

Anish Ballal says:

super workout bro:)… nice song also… could u share the name of the song?

Malekm says:

Brother whats your height and weight?

Rinkesh Ahuja says:

'3' supersets mean? counting all exercises of a particular day as a set and repeating it two more times? thanks in advance

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