Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout

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What’s up sixpackshortcutters! I’ve been getting a lot of messages for me to do a six pack abs workout. So I decided that today would be that day. Get ready for this intense post workout designed just to get you six pack abs. This workout is ideal, especially for those that want to lose that last bit of stubborn fat and to show that 6 pack.

I would recommend this workout to be done after a great weight lifting routine, or a high intensity bodyweight cardio workout. Why do I say this? Well because direct ab exercises are mostly good to build those ab muscles, not burn the fat. So, the best thing is to do a full body workout to trigger the fat burning process. Once you’ve achieved that with your workout program, then this ab workout afterwords would be perfect for shaping, and building those six pack abs.

Here’s the complete abs workout:

Bertrand mbi Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout Add-On:

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Chris Tylor says:

Incorrect title should b 8pack Abs workout

SpooN says:

The link in the description doesnt work?

Santafe V6 3.3L 2013 says:

ممتاز جداً 👍

Ei Jing Tan says:

Hi Betrand good try on out Match against Romano. Just wondering do you count calories and track macros or do you just workout and eat whatever your want?

DominationWiTh B says:

Yo bro, can you make a video about a home workout ab routine? That would be fantastic!

D Mwende says:

crazy stuff brother

Aleksandar Sidji says:

hi I am from Serbia and motivated me to start with a street workout !! 😀

Ven Cz says:

new subscriber man !! your one of my motivations in street workout looking forward for more videos 😀

10xTnTRevolution says:

Awesome I Really liked your video! We should be Mutual supporters Keep making Videos? #10xTnTrevolution

salim amrid says:

not 6 packs but 8 packs

Ravonn Moten says:

appreciate the inspiration. Checking you out from the the U.S.

Juggle Theze says:

Just subscribed you're awesome man!! Cheers from Denmark 😉

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