Extreme Calisthenics Six Pack Abs Workout

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How to get six pack abs how Chris works them, the hard way!

Athlete – @Chris_Barstarzz
Videographer – @edbarstarzz

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CrazyMonkey 0117 says:


Shantel Fullerton says:

This is nice movie I think. However, You should take instructions from Unflexal if you want to learn more about workouts.

makemoneyrelax says:

i will need now 10 years to master these techniques

Pablo Diaz says:

Great video!! Really wish I could do this, I get this weird pain on my lower back right side, strength-wise I'm good tho

jay fawn says:

too advanced …pfft

fez s says:

why no t shirt ?.

He Ziyong says:

You mentioned about focus on your breathing. When I inhale and exhale? Do I inhale on the way up and exhale on the way down? Or do I exhale as I go up and inhale as my legs go down?

Ar Junior says:

this guy has my dream body! i do calisthenicks about 2 months now and i will try these exersices to find out if i can complete them!! thank you very much!

Ervin Thomas says:

great video!! Im saving it now!! Cant wait to add more calisthenics to my workouts so I can be ready for NYC and SouthBeach Miami this summer!!!

TheHajir says:

20 windshield vipers! I can't even do one bro!

oskill says:

first thing i notice is his flexibility looks insane, legs well straightened, hips look comfortable. jealous

iLLUMiNATi32492 says:

For the toes to bar, is your scapula relaxed, or depressed?

Nate Chun says:

This guy was in Don Omar's music video. http://youtu.be/6GyqS-BtmRw 😮

Afif Izzuddin says:

But I can't do the front lever tho..

Sopek cs says:

He sound soo friendly

atiseru says:

I like this guys energy and mentality, seems like a good fella!

imhellag says:

This dude is the nicest hard looking guy I ever seen LOL.

Syazwan Ruslaine says:

This is proof that Barstarzz has probably the best trainers ever, they are really good in explaining everything and I personally find it easy to follow along.

Donny Appanaitis says:

In the pole vault world.. we call that first exercise.. "Bubkas"

shawn moebius says:

Where can you find a place like that ?

Russel trang says:

I wonder how many people walking on two legs can do one rep of any of those?

robert koller says:

Well that looks easy…lol Shit, I got a ways to go. Been doing calisthenics since the first of the year and have improved quite a bit but still have plenty of work to do.

Icescale says:

show us something for shoulder/handstand workout 😉

tome kralj says:

Those tattoest just ruine your body..but good vid

Gaming With Balance says:

Tried to do this with 20% bf. I am now on my bed resting from the injuries I have.

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