Exercises for Your Abs : How to Get Rid of a Roll of Fat on the Stomach & Upper Abs

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Getting rid of a roll of fat on the stomach area requires cardio training to burn off the extra calories, but upper abdominal exercises can get your heart rate up and tighten the muscles. Get lean with the workout shown in this free video on exercises for your abs.

Expert: Tanya Batts
Contact: www.goldsgym.com
Bio: Tanya Batts has worked as a certified personal fitness trainer for more than 11 years.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Series Description: Exercises for your abs can help you lose belly flab, recondition your muscles following a pregnancy, tighten your core and build that abdominal six-pack you’ve always wanted. Learn fun, challenging exercises from a professional fitness trainer in this free video series.

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Kameryn Robinson says:

i already know im going try to do this tomorrow then forget about it the next day after

Janat Khan says:

how long did take to see results and does it work

mousan mun says:

thank you know have a 4 pack

Zac Efron says:

Does it work?

Allin1Hacks G says:

Does it really works for anyone? Plz reply that I can start too 🙂

Valer Rodriguez says:

One month later now I got a 4 pack THANK YOU SO MUCH

Idalie Milord says:

The video won't load: (

Taylor Stewart says:

Oh my god. I'm gonna die.

S Afzal says:

no,you aren't alone.

mclasb says:

i have three rolls. life sucks 🙁

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INTJ1348 says:

…is it just me who finds these impossible? Fml.

lyns stewart says:

when i was little i used to have a skinney good shape tummy but now i have a 4 pair of fat rolls!!!! ;..(

Francesca .Bull says:

this woman seems so friendly and positive! 🙂

ashlee.t says:

on the one with the lower plank are your knees hitting the ground or there almost what can you tell me

ramtin haghigi says:

thanku so much

kayla cheek says:

Thank u so much

Ashly Marie says:

Thank you so much! I'm already pretty fit, but definition has been eluding me. I can't wait to do these tomorrow 🙂

Liam Dunn says:


Amber Bradley says:

How many times you suppose to do these for .

Grainne Grainger says:

thanks a million i've been wondering what sort of exercises i could do to get rid of it but i didnt know but this has helped allot!!! 🙂

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