Exercises for the Lower Abs!

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One of the hardest part of our body to get tight and toned is the lower abs and on this workout I you 4 moves that you can do that will help that area! Subscribe! http://bit.ly/2voMxWO – My Program HERE – https://rebecca-louise.com/30-day-get-fit/

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Leah Hyne Yoga says:

Do you need qualifications or need a safety check to upload fitness videos?

breecp9395 says:

I still feel it in my lower back even though it's flat on the ground! And I can't straighten my legs when they're in the air like that! Gah!

정민지 says:

언니를 따라잡기 위해 매일매일 운동 따라하기😄

honey Emad says:

your video great simple and effective moves thank you so much

Farah Elshamy says:

I can't keep my back glued on the mat. Any tips, please?

Sama Hashemi says:

I love your videos please tell me which time is better for excercise

Sama Hashemi says:

I love your videos please tell me which time is better for excercise

Marta Soricetti says:

you are the reason im going to the seaside this summer! love u!! 😀

claudia34521 says:

why do I feel like I'm working my legs much more than my abs?

Katherine Valle says:

Rebecca eres mi heroe 🙂 amo tus videos

Courtney Alandres says:

Hi Rebecca,
I have been doing some of your workouts on xhit and using your tip form this channel for about 2 months now.I have truly seen a noticeable difference and not only my physical appearance but also I also feel a lot healthier on the inside and I feel mentally stronger. I recently did a survival boot camp with my school and when I was finding things a little tuff, I just could her you rooting me on. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are truly an inspirational person 🙂

Monique Hernandez says:

I'm only 14 (girl) and I actually managed to get a four-pack and now I have finally found a workout routine that can give me that lower abs! Thanks so much and six-pack here i come!!

Maria Christou says:

love your videos! please do 10min workouts <3 love you xx

Ricky Andrade says:

keep up the good work Rebecca!! Gen H

ilikefoodtoo says:

Loved it! 🙂 Make more of the legs and butt! :3

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