Exercises for Better Health : Stretching for Abdominal Adhesions

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Abdominal adhesions occur when scar tissue builds up in the abdominal wall, but stretching exercises such as the cobra stretch and kneeling hip flexor stretch can restore mobility. Learn how to stretch adhesions away in this free video of exercises for better health.

Expert: Bryan Francis
Contact: www.BillyBeck.com
Bio: Bryan Francis developed a passion for health and fitness at a young age through playing competitive sports in both high school and college.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: If you need to know how to work out while pregnant, treat tendonitis and other ailments, or just keep your body functioning properly, these exercises for better health will put you on the right track. Get sound advice from a certified trainer in this free video series.

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Dylan Watts says:

That last one hurted

Amerika Peacher says:

How do I tag you on Instagram

paul1mdrn says:

Thats a whole lot of blinking there Lauren.

JulianQ Quiros says:

Don’t want to seem like an anti feminist but girls with muscles are unattractive to me

Cyrish May Abad says:

Can everyone subscribe to me? I will subscribe back! Ily

Bryce Kruman says:

He said 4 stretches. I only counted 3…

Tamika B. says:

I needed this video 2 years ago. When O had a hysterectomy. Thank you.

Priscila Torquato says:

Podia ter legenda em Português!

Kramer Knipe says:

I find the first one hard because it just stretches my spine mostly and causes low back pain. Any advice on how to isolate it more to the abs?

Syeda Syed says:

Is it useful for unblock fallopian tubes?? Pls reply i m worried about my tubes..

Romaine Athey says:

This time I'll use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts more 🙂


Can this also help abdominal soreness ?

Richard Dawson says:

lol got fucking spooked when she turned into a spider thanks


thank you I have had I think adhesions or scar tissue since the 80s and it never went away anything that can help I appreciate

T Lizzle says:

This bitch swolle as fuck

Alena Moor says:

Hi 6 weeks ago I had a abdominal resection, that left me with vertical scar across my tummy. Due to infection, the stitches were removed earlier and the wound left open. Now the wound is closed, healed from inside, but it looks like a butt crack… I'm 162cm and 52kg, quite thin. What workout you could recommend me to smooth the scar? Thank you.

irawan Ewan says:

Thank U…it helps me a lot

Cathy W says:

Thank you I was recently diagnosed with multiple abdominal adhesions. All though the initial reason for the surgery was successful they did discover many adhesions on the bowel and bladder, this news scared the heck out of me thinking there was no further help. Your exercises have given me hope now.

Stannis Baratheon says:

I have read alot of bad things about the first one, saying it put to much stress on ur lower back and can injure you


Is it effective for growing height ?

Chris Rooster says:

What about exercises if you have metal rods in your back and you are short and stocky?

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