Epic 7 Days Six Pack Transformation ( Easy Diet )

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For all the people that waste money on fake commercials.
This is for you all.
Love you

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Vincent Wahid Ajoubi says:

I just came to dislike(vid is paused) just by looking at the title🖕

Shirdoon Hassan says:

How dumb does He think people are, like this is totally Fake and everyone who say it isnt is just as retarded as the guy

Orestis Xristopoulos says:


evenboy 123 says:

You lie this is not 7 days

daviD's Hood says:

That's impossible. It cannot be seven days. Abs take a long time to transform.

Orkun says:

ofcourse its not 7 days

Alan Hozdic says:

7 dana 😂😂😂😂 lako onom tko vjeruje 😂😂😂 ja u 6 dana dobijem 12 pack. Npr netko ima vec trbusne misice od trbusnjaka malo se udeblja tek toliko da se nevide. I tjedan dana drzi sufict neku dijetu i puno vode i naravno da ce mu bit vidljivi kad ih je prije tjedan dva imao trbusnjake vidljive. Tj ima ih cijelo vrijeme 👍

leo mr villain says:

Fuckn useless….

Nabeel Zuberi says:

I don't understand that language but the transformation was outstanding 7 days thats too much i will need 30 days for this

Ken Lam says:

It is fake… he has 6 packs already during day 1 exercise


Hahaha, this is so fake

Milos&Novak says:

Meni trebalo 1.5god za fourpack i definiciju.

Monster Man says:

abe zimi ###

liel says:

fake and gay

Robert Elliott says:

Secret to 7 day abs…USE LIGHTING! heheXD

Haris Smajlovic says:

Bravo Brate !!!

Camilo Noriega says:

parece que las luces juegan un buen papel en esa rutina, desde arriba a cualquiera se les dibujan unos bueno abs si tener tanta definición, cuando esta en el día uno, todo esta como bajo de luz pero cuando muestra el resultado hay una luz que viene de arriba como si fuera el espíritu santo y hace la magia de pronunciar mas los abs, trucazo!!

Marinko Oluić says:

Jao onom ko ovu zvijer naljuti. Pojest ce ga ba

B Georsky says:

What r u doing . So seductive sexy

Petar Didanovic says:

Muzika na početku

m3che says:

iskreno svaka cast kraljuu !!!

NidzaGamesPC says:

nema sta da objasni imao je plocice vec nego je sedmi dan samo upalio svetlo i vide se lepse plocice

ally says:

Hi Enes, I really like your videos and following you since I've discovered your videos., but please please in english please because I don't understand what you are saying and I know you are talking about real stuff. thank you.

Master of lol vsv says:

moze pesma plz enese

eddie bower says:

Can u do English too

Anes Huskic says:

Ma najjaci sii

Kreativac says:

A umesto ulja moze vazelin?😂😂😂😂😂

Mihajlo Orlovic says:

Kako uraditi diamond push up i kako dobiti snagu da bi ga uradio

Francisco Suárez says:

on the first 30 seconds i was like "oh no he fell into this 7 day thing!!!"

BalkanMUSIC says:

Brate snimi jedan takav dan sa ishranom…

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