ELEONORA DOBRININA – Fitness Model: Extreme 6 Pack Abs Core Workout @ Russia

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Russian Fitness Model ELEONORA DOBRININA get six-pack abs in simple moves. Give these ab exercises a try to get your six pack lean and shredded.

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go white race!

Jose Ricardo says:

Show gata parabéns!!!!!!!!!!!

reggiecyy says:

More freaky than hot!!

QuietMuscle Tranquilo says:

how tall is she

FoxLove Kiss says:

How tall is she?

Mike Hunt says:

That is a man. Talk about virilization…

Marcelo Cazuza says:


H0LUB-K0 says:

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Akash Gupta says:

This is too much for me, not match with taste.

Darwin Gonzalez says:

😝😝Look like men they exaggerated way too much.

Atheer Am says:

How can grow my shoulders fast like the video

Emilie BaldwinVlogs says:

And at 2:32

Emilie BaldwinVlogs says:

Honestly it's one thing to be fit but then there are people who look so disgusting especially at 2:23

Emilie BaldwinVlogs says:

0.42 steroids for sure

sudhir king says:

human u like luk so awesome. hard work pays. keep it up. lov u dear.

cool fur u says:

The absolute pinnacle of perfection! Period!

Wonderland Gems says:


mad d says:

just the abs when she pops in the blue underwear she looks kind of manly

mad d says:

omg I want her abs!

Mark Washington says:

I think the core work out is the best I have seen in a long time keep it up girlfriend, your looking good

Nick says:

wow fucking gorgeous. these chicks could rape the average guy.

Tanya khashchuk says:

The only thing I liked is her abs the arms look like man arms I don't like that just saying but nice job

ewan thomas says:

instantly erect

Gorgeous muscle girls says:

Wow, superb !!!!

Freedom of Speech says:

No sorry I do not like that body at all it's so unsexy and not feminine at all yuk!!! however very good abs exercises

VisionOfTJ says:

I couldn't stop watching, thanks for many new ideas. Your abs was amazing!

PlastaSin says:

awesome! 🙂

luis rico says:

Eres una excelente atleta. Saludos desde Venezuela!

gimmejr says:

8:10, skin sticking to bench or…..

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