Easy obliques and upper/mid abs -Bensu

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Quick easy ab workouts I do to get cuts in my obliques and mid/upper abs. Enjoy!

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Remy Lebeau says:

Where is Bensu? This channel been dead for 4 yrs.

Tashawn Robinson says:


BALBOA says:

Whats the Name of the Song in your Intro? 🙂

Sam Suhrob Fitness says:

brother try to be real.. stop acting.. but exercises are good and useful thanks 

whoisBenSu says:

Hey @lelexoxo726,
For inner thighs and lower back I would definitely say do side lunges holding dumbells. For lower back, do "ass to grass" squats, back-raises, and one exercise I made up called "back-crunches". If you are not familiar with these exercises, I will post a video for inner thighs and lower back just for you next week!

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