Easy Abs Workout With Ball ♦ Beginner Exercise Ball Workout

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Karen Anne Thom says:

Super and thank you for taking the time – cannot believe people give you a thumbs down – just pure meanness 🙂 

PurpleIris1982 says:

I am 5'9" and weigh 233, I can do some of it. My ball holds up to 300 lbs. I would suggest getting a 65 cm ball.

Kay Jones says:

Im a beginner.. I'm trying to get back in shape.. watching other more advance workout, I fell of the ball 3x's….so this is very good for starters, who are extremely out of shape, like I am…..

S_l_a B_j_i_ says:

it was very helpful … thanks

0llin says:

thanks for this, i need to get myself in shape and i got a ball like this one a time ago, actually to sit on it, as i have pain on my lower back, i trully liked the routine so i have favorited already, i just could do 2 times the whole thing, but better than nothing for a first time, but, while laying down i had a lot of pain on my butt so i really couldn't do this one properly, even with a cushion, can you recommend me what to do about this one? thanks a bunch… i will come back tomorrow 🙂

imreal forever says:

Thank you very much for this video. I'm on the road to fitness recovery now.

boricua inaction says:

Iam 264 and iam 5-9 can i do this?

fitappy says:

that's awesome! 🙂

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