Dominik Sky – Calisthenics Tutorial Beginner to Advanced Part 3: CORE (ABS)

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I divided CORE into 4 parts:

1. ABS ——————————– 01:12
1.1 – L-sit —————————– 01:14
1.2 – V-ups ————————— 2:00
1.3 – Hanging leg lifts (HLL) —- 2:36

2. LOWER BACK —————— 03:43

3. OBLIQUES ———————– 04:56

4. STRAIGHT BODY————– 06:54
4.1 back pull variations ———- 6:57
4.2 front pull variations ———– 8:43
4.3 whole body variations ——- 10:13

+ some different interesting core exercises ————- 10:34

In each part are exercises sorted from beginner to advanced. Once you can do about 5 to 8 reps of a certain exercise I think you are ready to move to the next one.

Be sure to do the exercises with PROPER FORM AND FULL RANGE OF MOTION!

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우오 says:

그는 대체…

التطوير الرياضي says: thes easy and great

Filip Novotný says:


MrSkinnyWhale says:

Goals right there

FraGio Rlz says:

Damn, I need a training room like that, GJ!

White Power Inc. says:

So we have to have a fuckin' roach on our foot, just like you?

Matt Biondo-Smith says:

Lol at kitten attack burpees

ThePotatoIsAStarchyTuberousCropFromThePerennialSolanumTuberosumOfTheNightshadeFamilyLOL says:

Most of it is just eat the food. And sleep well. The level this guy is on. It's a lifestyle. You will never get or keep this if you got a normal full time job or other interests besides sports.

Arjun Dhamanda says:

whats the song in the background?

roger guerrero amezquita says:

i quite disagree with the food part that depend of your genetics and the reaction to certain food , you can eat as much as you want the metabolic process for the body to transform whatever you are eating into energy is a very slow process except for simple carbs plain sugar which the body use for fast energy . you can eat whatever as long as you are moving , but is preferable to have a balanced diet that mean a little bit of everything.

Carbone Zebra says:

You're so good !

Sm Strng says:

Wow this is amazing. Thanks dude great job😉

King Ilasaros says:

None of these for beginners

Rabiolico says:

Your exercises can cause back problems, due to your current physical condition you do them well, but tomorrow you will be harmed. I do not recommend them

YogI BoY says:

Guess this Britain assholes only show off after they have the body and not before… ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOO

woodbutcherjc says:

Didn't watch. You music turned me off. It stinks. Don't care for all the profanity.

Jesse Parbhu says:

Your sick dude, great content. Much respect!

Jessie Lewis says:

I came here for the cat.

Just kidding. New exercises to add to my repertoire

Jan Möller says:

Looks damn unreal man. You can be very proud of yourself. You definitely put in the work

Luke Mosse says:

Good snap on those punches

Сергей Симонов says:

Venom says:

I always learn new things in your every videos//

deathpatton says:

fucking beast. he makes it look easy.

E B says:

Thx. That was awesome.

Fleece Johnson says:

Oh Okay he is also weight lifting

Rene Roder says:

That dude do a tricks I saw only in avengers movie and everyone is commenting damn pussy.

Julio Angel Morales Romero says:

good treining
I LOVE your cat

Alex Ru says:

"Пидор грязный" – сказал бы Боря Моисеев…

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