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Awet Selemun says:

Very good 😊😊😊😊

Stephen Palmer says:

Gorgeous to watch. Feels like a Michelangelo figure come alive.

Alen Vatres says:

Good music in the background,👍 specialy with the some awseome girl.😊

Arquimedes Xxi says:

The cat!!! I love it!!! What's its name???

Monu Kundan Singh says:

Extreme Level 👌👍🤘💪

Xiang yang Lim says:

Only managed to do beginner routine 10 reps each exercise , 4set without rest , I believe I can be better , keep on motivating and pushing hard for the ab! Thanks for this amazing video, it helps a lot

التطوير الرياضي says: thes easy and Really great 👌🏼

ONE SON says:

Peace to Dominik Sky for using my song Let It Brew, much respect. (ONE SON)

Akaoushi says:

The video could use a lot better music.
But nice exercises shown

Ka ko says:

The best vídeo

Samanth Kuncha says:

best ab routine by far anywhere on the net. even my calisthenics trainer couldn't do all of them .. great job man !!!

richard salazar says:

i am beginning !!!!

Parmanand Kashyap says:

कितने दिन में यह सिक्स पैक बना सकते हैं

C-17 says:

You are the best my brother

Srikant Srikant says:

amazing trick 🌹🥀🥀🥀🥀 excellent bro

Fabricio Gomes says:

Hi Dominik. I'm a huge fan of your work. I'm just starting calisthenics, and doing your Uper and Lower Body Basics, but I want to try one day routine for AB. I'm a little confused about how to manage my routines. Let me explain: in your UBB and LBB beginner routines (1 and 2 for ex) you have divided the routine in 3 sets or supersets, about 5 exercises a day. But in this AB video you do 15 different exercises in your beginner routine. I have a good core, and I can do about 10 of this beginner routine, but I'm confused about how to estructure my routine. Should I do these routine (15 exercises) without stop, or is it better to divide this routine in about 5 different sets to stop and have a rest between sets? Thank you very much for sharing this calisthenics contents.

Tristan 1865 says:

Abs and cats… you know what sells on the tube

Golu Manikpuri says:

Nice you workout

Sourav Mukhi says:

Nice video bro

Ali Idi says:

Perfect I like it


Yes death it is……..let’s get it💪🏿

Whatever i say It hurts says:

I'm all set to go just need to build a wooden house first.

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