Does Muscle Stimulator Work? | Results In 10 MINS!

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Well I will show you the results in one week and let you see by yourself if it’s legit or not but remember nothing comes over night you have to work hard for your abs to see them popping out!

I know for a fact that you won’t definitely see results in 10 mins even if it was a magic spells, this should at least be used for 1 month worth of testing to come up with the right conclusion, this video is meant for fun, not for educational purposes!

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Isa Rousseau says:

It works!!! I've been using it for almost five months and I'm seeing results. I feel really good. The site I bought from is and I recommend it. I knew him through YT opinions so I follow the movement

skills1ent says:

.This product is totally useless and will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR YOU ABS OR muscles. NOTHING!!!! YOU'RE BEING DECEIVED.

Charles D says:

Personally I also bought a belt with the armbands and it works pretty well! The site is, I got 24€ for it and I'm not disappointed!

matt B says:

Do you think it works

sagar ujjainwal says:

I just wasted my 5 minutes for this video as this guy already have abs and he is trying abs stimulator… What effect it will show on him… Try it on a fat guy … So lame man .. why did you even bought this prodect when you are already in shape 😒

Spencer says:

I dont really have any fat on my stomach or really anywhere just skinny does this work

Abner Alvarez says:

Sorry but not working, 3 days works and then breaks, much better if you do sit-ups😒

Chinonye Okereafor says:

It doesn't just work for 10 minute, u need to do it at least a week like an exercise before expecting the resort to happen ok.

X 360 says:

Worst video

Captured says:

Russian black white guy. Noice

cheese farmer says:

You Cant conclude anything in 10 minutes

Jakir Shaikh says:

What is side effects. Tell anyone

Ali Hajji says:

Hhhh can you put that on your fat ass and show it burn fat idiots


Natural exercise are best… In comparison of this product… Slow but we get results for long time.

Ash The Duke says:

I wanna try that in on my fat friend

Minniva Official says:

Getting the body you already have requires knowledge and dedication, congrats ! 😃👌But what I found to be funny, is that you seam to pretend you don't have any by expecting this thing to show results after 10 min🤣 Let's get real, this video is not about showing us the device 🤣🤣😅

brooke anderson says:

Side by side stills
Dont be stupid! We dont need to see your poses… although they are great, side by side stills for since

Kyee Soe says:

Do you have a brain? You think 10 minutes can change your body shape? As you already have a muscular body, you should better know how long does it take to get that body,to notice changes in body and how many hard working time. And also diet is important

Elite Gamer says:

2:20 nipple

Mohammed Al Yafei says:

استمر ي وحش😉

Mungu Noel says:

Bullshit you can't just go around wearing and ab belt expecting to have results in a short while. Let people know they have to combine it with exercises

MayB says:

Most people think this will make them lose weight, thats wrong.
I will explain why i bought this… my
wingspan is too large, i am a swimmer and my 1st swimming style is butterfly so it is hard to me to work abdominal, that´s all.

*Speed of Light* says:

How much girls did masturbate while watching his body? 😀

obi wan says:

That's why I bought it, out of curiosity, and I work out as well.

Darkestral Kwt says:

My mans u need to learn how to speak english

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