Does Bad Genetics Mean No 6 Pack?

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Are 6 Pack Abs Genetic or are they attainable for everyone who trains hard, focuses on nutrition, and has low enough body fat? This is a common question which also comes along with many myths about getting a nice set of abs. People spend a countless amount of hours working their abs but are they doing them correctly, is their body fat low enough, and will their genetics allow them to have a nice set of abs?

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Mr. Boomguy says:

I may never get that classic 6 pack, but I got 4 nicely lined squares, and two little nuggets on top, who seem like they're hard as rocks. I may not be training them hard, but they show, and that makes me proud of myself 🙂

Damn Man says:

To All you crying about can,t build muscle cause you have bad genetics.

You guys are just undertraining.

m woo says:

I have rarely exercised and am 52. My 6 pack is very well defined. I have low bodyfat, but it looks like I workout. I've seen guys with low bodyfat that workout, half my age don't have the definition. In my case it's genetic. My triceps are big and very well defined yet I have small biceps

sgtdopeAF says:

Have always trained so hard and I've never in my entire life seen my abs! Genetics are the biggest factor not training some of my friends do like fucking 10 crunches and their abs pop out straight away meanwhile I train my ass of everyday and nothings.
To summarize genetics are number 1 factor.

Master Peep says:

I have a 4 pack does it mean I have average genetics or either I have a bad genetics.

Shaun Schofield says:

The answer to this is "simply… Yes and No" wtf.. next vid

Claire Redfield says:

I have abs and I don't even exercise. I'm blessed

Kevin Schiltz says:

So I am 18 yrs old 1,94 cm tall and weigh about 78-80 kgs / got from 26% bodyfat to 16% now and my coach at 15% you usually start seeing the abs, I still don't see shit. Does that mean I won't have like abs? That just really demotivates me cuz the reason I started was to get my abs

Shivam Karotiya says:

but how to make abs in perfect shape and same size


He had all good points until he said somebody could be 4% bf and not have abs showing smh

berner says:

I got you all beat. My abs have a wide valley running down the middle of them, they are staggered, the ones on the right side are smaller than the ones on the left AND I have a four pack. But that's not where I got you all beat. I got you all beat in the "I don't give a fuck what you think" department 😀

Gymnastic yay says:

This is me -.- I eat good a lot of protein train abs every day abs not less that 10 min abs. For 8 month all I got very small and can't seee those abs like wtf.

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