Diet your way to SIX PACK ABS!!

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Essential food to keep in your fridge!

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222hotsauce 222monkeys says:

Will you marry me ?

glildedglitter says:

Mhmm..can I eat over at your place 😊

davon walker says:

I don't think my refrigerator is very healthy

Evi K says:

in Cyprus the "protein yoghurt" is like our ordinary yoghurt. greek yoghurts are the tastiest but quite fattening.

Joke Debuck says:

sexy beast!

Misael Aguirre says:

Bro What else can i eat if i dont like almonds?

dietcoke00000000 says:

very nice video

Pink Tiara says:

I will work out but won't sacrifice my food.. Btw in already slim I just need abs

icdiddums says:

is there any reason why you have so many almond products or do you just like almonds

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