Diet Plan for Six Pack Abs (5 STEP PLAN!)

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Ever wonder what a nutrition plan for abs would look like? In this video we’ll show you how to get abs by following our 5 step 6 pack diet plan. This greatly simplifies things for anyone looking for how to get 6 pack abs. You can choose to try to implement everything in this meal plan for abs at the same time, but it also works as a six pack diet plan that you follow one step at a time, adding in a new step as you master the previous step in the diet for six pack.

The first step for how to get six pack abs to cut the crap, meaning you must learn how to eat for a six pack and skip the junk pretty much altogether. This isn’t a popular piece of advice for a 6 pack diet plan, but it’s the truth. The next piece of advice for how to eat for abs is to eat more often. Since you are eating less crap and cutting down on the carbs you may find that you are hungry more often so to keep your metabolism running high, it’s important to eat 5-6 small meals per day.

Next, when it comes to your diet plan for six pack abs you may have to dig deep and see what you might be doing on a daily basis that could be hindering your progress. Do some experimentation with reducing or eliminating those foods for a couple of weeks to see if they make a difference. As you continue to learn how to eat for abs you can focus on eating more of the good stuff as part of your meal plan for abs. Then once you’ve perfected how to eat for a six pack, you can focus on supplementing for consistency to fill in the nutritional gaps from your meal plan.

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Here are the 5 steps for diet for six pack:

1) Cut the Crap
2) Eat More Often
3) Eat Less of the Less Obvious Stuff
4) Eat More of the Good Stuff
5) Supplement for Consistency

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jessica linette camacho says:

Every time we eat something with carbs or protein the insulin raise and as long there is insulin in our blood we can't use fat as a fuel, actually insulin helps to storage fat in the cells. So no, we dont need to eat more often.

Natalie King says:

What about intermittent fasting I thought eating more often spikes insulin producing more glucose that converts into fat?

Miss Kat says:

Why should you dont make any workout program for post c-section.??

Christy Marshall says:

i'm 46 and i say eat what u want in moderation i'm not cutting out anything eat and be happy 😊

Virginia Reyna-Walling says:

Great info, thank you

Shirley Lum says:

I burn lots of calories when I exercise, and I eat two eggs for breakfast three times a week. Now that's great fuel for morning high intensity exercise classes. I drink lots of water, since it slows down cramps in your muscles and get lots of sleep. Lifestyle balance is everything. I love you channel and thank you.

kristylove says:

Great video! Very informative. By the way were are your leggings from????

Latreana Taylor says:

How do you feel about the Keto eating Plan?

Lana El says:

Saturated fats are betted than polyunsaturated. There is lots of new research about benefits of fat and harm of carbs.

J Matarazzo says:

Step 2 is just plain wrong. 1980s thinking.

momof6ify says:

Every time you eat you raise your insulin. Over 40, can't eat more often. That's for 20 year olds.

Sarah Binte Shorif says:

How would I lose that fat layer on my belly. That lower pooch?

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