Crazy Biceps Dropset Workout – Six Pack Shortcuts

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Get a ripped body….FAST:

Hey what’s up guys in this video I show you a unique bicep workout I call running the rack, in which I use to get bigger biceps.

(1:44) Hammer Curls(Running The Rack Workout Technique).

(6:21) Straight Bar Curls(Workout).

(8:25)Alternating Curls(Running The Rack Informational Technique).

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Mr. Blunt says:

Lmao Mike Chang quit because he took Psychadelics and discovered he wasn’t really himself and that he was a fake persona so he quit this channel and stopped working out. Crazy and depressing. FACT. He said so in an interview.

Adam F. says:

Mike is the originator and the creator of six pack short cuts and he is the man. Not these douche-tards like the current Thomas dude.


Till failure each set? Salutes

Nigel Guliver says:

Is it ok if I just watch your videos to see you shirtless?

Serkan Hassan says:

Great video! Check out my supersets video now you won’t be disappointed

Nirailton da Silva says:


Mike M says:

Why does everyone shit on Mike so much? This video is far from bullshit. He warmed the muscle up, hit it heavy, stressed good form, etc. Its a good video with good advice. Put your flame throwers away….I'm sure I'm curling way more than 3/4 of these commentors and I will tell you that if you follow this correctly you are going to overload your biceps, guaranteed.

Ziolek2000 says:

Shorten ur videos like seriously there good but come on make it half of the time

galeitiaa says:

when u got to 60 u were almost throwing them.. slow down and keep ur elbow tucked man

Frazer Gayapersad says:

Great workout, really feeling the burn.

Razy Romero says:

Say what you want to say but iam twelve and guess what I can carry 50 pound already by doing this 7 times so ha

dchen345 says:

Will this help me set a bullshit world record?

joe redmore says:

Hey Mike Joe again I've been doing all biseps and triseps work outs and I'm getting no muscle or mass what advise can you give me I'm desperate 

Francis Evangelista says:

Is it ok to workout everyday 2hours a day..??I just need a advice from you thank you if u responsed on my comment..

sahnan kahn says:

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Michael Stanislawczk says:

I just started working out so my question is how long did it take for you to get ripped where you wanted to be?

Nrz Prz says:

This Almost-Magical Workout Regimen builds muscle faster than steroids.  Just go And Google  Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

Justin says:

When I do bicep curls, my lower forearms get bruised and tender when I'm done, almost like shin splints. How can I prevent this?

Aliff Irfan says:

Omg!!!!!!!! Hos bicept relly big!!!!!!!

ikylox says:

He is bullshiting ALOT

anything alright says:


Crhistian Lopez A says:

i just noticed you truly are funny, cheers mate

ronaldo kusma says:

Have you tried Stupid Simple Slimming? (Go google it) It is a quick way to lose weight fast.

bannerabc says:

would you like some money to buy a t shirt?

Spiggie Z says:

Hammer curling 70s? My god…

Gavin Wilkins says:

Well shit. I was really eager to run on that fucking rack Lol

Ivan Chua says:

Awesom vid 🙂

asteroidas1 says:

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Gayan Saman says:

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Ali Al mansour says:

Will i be ever look like this guy?? i hope yes

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