Crazy Abs & Cardio Home Workout – Six Pack Shortcuts

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How I lost my belly fat…FINALLY:

3 rounds of 8 exercises

*(0:28) Towel situps
*(1:33) Burpees
*(2:33) Yoga Plank Glute Raise
*(3:26) Mountain Climbers
*(4:30) Leg Lifts
*(5:21) High Knees
*(6:25) Air Jacks
*(7:25) Toe Touching Crunches

Hey Guys!

Today Hunter, Chris and I are actually going to show you one of the official Insane Home Fat Loss workouts. I do them daily as a substitute for my HIIT cardio training, but it will also help you build muscle all over your body. Mike caught us doing this at work. Sorry it is not from the start.

Here is a free video you can watch to learn how workout at home but still get a sexy beach body fast!

I know you have have heard me preach about afterburn training, and how it is the fastest way to get a ripped body and six pack abs… but I want to share with you guys a fitness model trick that will get you the perfect body and you can do it from home… Its called the metabolic acceleration technique.. Here’s the free video that will teach you all about it!

Train Hard Guys!


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RhythmMovement says:

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How come he's the only one shirtless

leo mas says:

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Marci Kokkeler says:

Hello! I am a fan! 🙂  You should talk to the ladies as well, lol, not just men!! I modify with lighter weights, but I am keeping up with you and the fellas!! I love your attitude! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

Shazia Ashraf says:

How long does it take to have a flat body or have a six pack by using this workout everyday?

Imran Taekwondo says:

why there is no dick workout? haha it should be fan to train our dick XD to get dick muscle hahahaha

Gabe McGarry says:

So I will lose fat

BestWayLoseBellyFat says:

Good tips here…these workouts really do work with the right diet and mindset!

Scar Sonic says:

The music is awesome! Artist?/s?

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Amyas Collazo says:

Camera man was bad

Fat Blasting Workouts says:

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