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Ron Swanson says:

Oh. My. Christ. Alright, as someone who cooked professionally let me just break down this shit show. I'll go deeper than Elgin did but hats off to him for leading me here.

1. You are showing people how to slice their fucking hands and arms. You are cutting into your open palm with what looks like a very dull knife and to top it off you don't even have anything under your cutting board to keep it from sliding around, same with your friend. You reach across his section and in my line of work that's taboo unless you want a potential injury and a chefs fury. If you take 5 minutes to look up how to cut an onion and cut 5 onions that way you will already be light years ahead of this joke of a method. You chop shit like cave men. Use some sense.

2. The way you actually cook the sweet potatoes is just fucking atrocious. Who wants dry ass potatoes to eat? On top of that, uneven cuts means some of those will either be too mushy or too hard. When you cut it like that you are losing out on the great flavor potential so Cook the potato in it's skin and let that baby get moist and juicy.

3. Look up the definition of gravy. I'm not even gonna dignify this with a hard breakdown… This is canned tomato sauce with onion and I don't understand how that amount of onion even made an impact on the flavor and acidity from the sauce. You could of even put in some garlic, some salt, pepper, herbs, anything. This is like lunch lady levels of giving a shit.

4. Your chicken looks boiled on one side and burnt on the other. Nasty. Why not just put that shit in the oven with your potatoes and flip it one time? You don't even give any sense of cooking times or temperatures for anyone. Also, the seasoning just seems superfluous with the sauce so you'd be much better off seasoning your chicken, cooking it, and then adding the sauce later. No wonder it seems so burnt.

5. How long is this supposed to last? How many portions did you make? What is the nutritional value of each portion? This is no where to be found and those type of breakdowns are everything in this style of cooking. Instead of clapping your hands every ten seconds and talking about how shredded you are, you could have a least done some form of research on the real nutritional value of the food and talked about that instead.

Jason Wong Boon Kit says:

I was amazed by all those subs😰😰

connor schroeder says:


Pav W says:


Lea Patience says:

More cooking videos please 🙏🙏

Nischal Adhikari says:

Not a single functioning brain cell in this video lmaooo!!

Inverted RNS says:

Absolute monkey LMAO

Caf3in3 says:

would it be racist if i assumed that he'd do better job with a gun ?

Koos Kaelo says:

Next thing they will be making a video on knife safety….

Robert Ferguson says:

"Only roasting".

Metal Gear Salad says:

A machete for a sweet potato peel 😱😂

Beats ByDre says:

Damn these knife skills annoying 😂

Niels Olsen says:

Yo Tyrone. I dont know where to find a wallmart

Johnny Pimpinz says:


Midknight1124 says:

Lol what in the fuck is this trash? Also buy more than one cutting board so your boy doesn’t look ghetto as fuck mashing his onion with a cheese knife

Negrali Blade says:

you are dumb as fuck

Willy Nino says:

Build mucle and fat

Goldust says:

This is embarrassing shit. Neither of these spastics can cook. Also need to train legs lol

Plate Smacker says:

Anyone else hate chicken? I only like the darker meat because it has flavor.

Plate Smacker says:

They make these contraptions of modern engineering called a "Peeler". However, machete and ninja swords are funner to use.

Alex Rivera says:

Chef Herb can’t even cut an onion

Chris Francelli says:

Such level of cringe and autism, a chef that cuts an onion with a cheese knife on a plastic container’s lid with a horrible hand position, what a pro lmao

Roe Jogan says:

Is this for muscle gain as well?

Jacob P says:

Fitness Retard- I come from Infinite Elgintensity

HKMediaChicago says:

Seeing you on HERE is hilarious!!

Rud3Bwoy says:

All the white boys mad in the comments can’t even season chicken , all you morons know is black pepper and salt

MRgreen says:

323k subs is this shit for real? must be a mistake.

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