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Chris Heria takes you through an intense and effective Killer Six Pack Ab Routine you can do at home, in your office, in the park, or in a hotel if you’re travelling! NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! All done with your own body weight on the floor!

Please watch: “TOP 5 Exercises To Master Handstand | THENX”

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Sallmir Cakss says:

Make a video punching the box machine with youf friends

ii Reaction HQ says:

Chris u inspired me to start working out now I'm going for a fit body and I'm working on my chest and arms for 1 month and after that month I'm gonna do abs

Christopher Doubt says:

Learned how important abs are after military press fucked up my back. Started this routine today… 2:11 in and my abs already cramped up!!!
I can tell this is going to be serially effective.

Kimberly Lucero says:

Thank you for the great AB routine I'm going to try it

Kimberly Lucero says:

Thank you for the great ab workout I'm going to try it!!!

Kershen Govender says:

You can do this workout in South Africa!

Kat Tekkel Dean says:

This ABSolutely positively killed me! 🙉👍

Kat Tekkel Dean says:

Will try this tomorrow as a change from the newer videos. 🙂

Bacon3000 Dragon24 says:

I thought that was a great workout. It got more and more intense though the whole workout.

Samair Hauter says:

That is a killer for abs I hope u post another killer routine at home for arms (biceps +trieceps)

PMB Fit says:

Not just the workout is intense, the intro was dope Chris. Youre kinda superhuman, I need to be that strong!

Fork Draws says:

Old but gold 💛💛

Jose Villatoro says:

You’re channel has come a long way. Still a killer an workout too!

armlock bass says:

always great vids..suggestion -vids on competitors, wordwide and small upcoming competitions and recap(you can also analyze them), other arts to incorporate …can also get ur son and other kids to do some playful vids. .get the kiddos involved.

Kylie Bisram says:

Open in gym in Easton pa đź‘€ please …. did the workout got to places I’ve never felt being worked out in my abs before. Thanks

Cecily Plum says:

Difficulty is significantly increased if your German Shepard decides to sit on you whilst you’re doing this work out.

Sanivde says:

This is amazing… it can't be Chris watching 2015 video and still communicating with people in the comments section… must have some kind of slave dwarfs cave :)… either way.. I did put together of 3 different videos over my 6/7 week abs workouts.. I just can't do the same over and over again everyday as I feel I lack of motivation after few weeks.. changing abs routine always good or as I am doing mashed up 3 workouts in one week.. That's why you can't stop making videos of abs, people has to be motivated to do something new, something fresh.. killer routine has to say is awesome, writing right in between of brake.. sweating my ass of.. I have a question tho. very simple one, or get a honest youtube video with help how to get rid of lower back pain, appears especially when I wanna do hand stand to the wall or attempt to muscle up.. I had lower back pain before, but it was more on a sides, but now right down the middle, it tough to deal with it :/


this only help for abs or it also work for other things

Sacha Blatti says:

Why did my back hurt when i do this ?

MjrDario says:

Tend to feel my quads (part closest to the hip) tense up and actually hurt quite a bit sometimes when doing the leg lifts or flutter kicks, should I stretch more or will this disappear with more progress I make?

David Jhang says:

3 weeks and abs are starting to show. Can't thank you enough.

Letty Rodriguez says:

I've been doing this ab workout for a while now, and It's gotten easier but it's still kiiillllssss meeee 🙏🔥🔥

LoneWolf says:

How about the rest times? It varies after each exercise… no exact timing, or do you have it counted down? Really great video anyway, respect to You sir.

Ramon Garcia says:

Dope routine for abs , what's the best way to stretch out before a leg workout ? I've noticed that when I squat sometimes I get a like a Charlie horse type feeling until I stand up again.

Zeroes and Ones says:

Work out name list pls 🙂

Emanuele Pavone says:

this is one of the best ab workouts I've ever seenđź’Ş

Rustamjon Tursunov says:

Perfect Chris!

zephyr 5* says:

Thnx a lot bro.. May God bless you! Ur each of video is awesome inspirational for us. I m trying to do body fly by hand. Its awesome bro…please suggest me for proper routine to do that workout. Thank you.

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