Chest+Abs Workout Level 1| The Best Home Workout (Beginner)

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Kida Film says:

Help me to continue making these free Workouts by becoming my Patron for as little as $1 a month!
Sign up to now for some rewards 🙂

Adam Sz says:

Jak długo należy stosować ten zestaw ćwiczeń? czy można codziennie? czy przeplatać innymi ćwiczeniami np drążek czy bieg? Czy zwiększać lvl ćwiczeń u Ciebie są 3 lvl?

Rikudo Oshino says:

Wszystko fajnie ale treningu plecow dalej nie ma, a obiecales. Nie pomija sie tak waznej czesci ciala, bo na drazku ksztaltujesz plecy jak i biceps. 😀 Jesli uwielbiasz workaut to plecy na takim kanale powinny byc podstawa. 🙂 Pozdrawiam!

selam abrham says:

Nic work out

Roynek _ says:

Przez ile dni powinniśmy robić lvl 1 aby przejść do lvl 2?

siddharth shirgaonkar says:

Now I m doing ur 30 days ab developing programme . Plz give me guidelines about chest and biseps n triseps timetable in whole week how I manage all exercise .

Neptabyss, The Atlantean Prince says:

Excellent video! Every exercise blends well with the others. Your videos have variety and are really challenging!!!

Cypsiek says:

Czy ten trening jest dobry na odchudzanie?

Felipe Alves says:

Sweating till Olympic games 💦💦

شخصيتي حكايه says:

But I do my back and my neck from the bottom

josemanuel alonso says:

Kida, te quería hacer una pregunta, si las flexiones con las rodillas apoyadas no me resultan cómodas como podría empezar desde lo básico a hacerlas?, gracias

Anonymous says:

Good videos and workout ever ! I just started and know im doing day 7 abs workout..just got question in my mind, when I need do this level workout ? After i done my 30 days workout or just do it after Im doing daily workout ? Really appreciate if u answer my question..

Kyler Tingley says:

I've did all your videos

Jose.Valles says:

my god bro i will try to do everything you do i really want to get fit or at least try, before i go back to school. good job man keep up the good work

MidfieIder8 says:

Congrats for you work bro! I have a question: during the close hands push up, I feel the effort more on deltoids than the chest. Why?

Bora Aybey says:

How many strict push ups can you do in a row?

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