Carrie's 5 Minute Plank Workout

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Olympian Carrie Tollefson shares her 5-minute plank workout! Strengthen your core with this quick routine you can easily incorporate into your training.

C Tolle Run, Episode 215

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Tammi Meeks says:

i done this 4 min…..was hard………..but i will do this a least 4 times a week….

Anna Nymph says:

I LOVE your energy! When you started singing in the middle I almost burst out laughing

Sabrina Scott says:

Nice Thanks 🙂

running priority says:

Thank you 🙏🏾

ATTORNEY GeethaPraveen says:

you are one tough as nails girl..awesome

Mariana Ramos says:

Definitely not an easy one, but it's so much more fun than static planks! Great video!

Allen Melendrez says:

nice work out.. love it

Christopher M. Zelonis says:

Carrie can carry a tune, too!

갸가고겨뭐 says:

1day 3time??

rhamses rodriguez says:

Incredible, it's amazing!!

Lovely yanie says:

Good job😊

little girl blue says:

Wow that was harder than I thought!

Ivan Lendl says:

Great workout! Thanks for this!

G Sai says:

This is really tough!

Exigent Incursion says:

Great advice! Thank you, Carrie

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