Carrie Tollefson’s 5 Minute Ab Workout

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Olympian Carrie Tollefson takes you through her 5 minute abdominal workout. Follow along daily to tone and strengthen your core!

C Tolle Run, Episode 151

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junior sautonia says:

youre amazin…keep up like ur vids and love it very much thanks for posting

Brian Corbin says:

Thanks for posting this. I've been doing these regularly the last month or so and they help. Keep up the good work!

Enrico C says:

start doing what you do about a week ago, I almost died. you make it look so easy. Really enjoy your workout tips!  

Ab Workouts & Tips to Get Six Pack Abs & Flat Stomach says:

This is a really intensive workout to train abs. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Larson says:

This is a super fun–and challenging–ab workout. You make it look soooo easy! 🙂

Cristhian Ortiz says:

I will do it later today I promise but right now I am lmao over here. Love your vids.

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