Calisthenics ABS Workout for Beginners!!

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Choose 4 to 5 exercises and try them 4 – 5 days per week.
Rest time between sets 45-60 secs. / 1.30 mins between exercises.

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SmallTownHitman says:

what's with people not incorporating the title in the video??

Yuko Okumura says:

that's funny.. abs workout for beginners or for pro ? Get your title/caption correct dude

Gabriel Casagrande says:

Kinda funny someone using scarf, pants and no shirt, LOL. But hey, I think you don't remember what it is to be a beginner anymore

Prazol Bista says:

Wtf 1:20 for beginners , you sure ?

DFY TNO says:

Nice video, nice workouts 🤘🏾

Blake Sanders says:

What should I do if my back hurts when doing this? Do I just need to get used to the exercises?

LAW AND ORDER 33139 says:

Thanks Vic…. great video !!!

who datt says:

I'd say this is Intermediate/advanced

Mireya Yim says:

I am sure you'll learn about workouts if you'll read Unflexal handbook from cover to cover 🙂

antonis solanos says:

for beginers ,totally even my grandma can do that, anything more difficult pls?

Tom G says:

Not sure beginner can do this..

Black Mozart The Beatmaker says:

do u just do this or do you make more in one day? Im looking for a full day program.

daily breaking news says:

i don't have dip bar

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