Burpees Workout With A Twist

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If you think you can’t do a challenging full-body workout in just under five minutes, using no equipment whatsoever, you definitely haven’t tried the Bowflex Burpees Workout With A Twist. This circuit-style workout alternates between 30 seconds of burpees and 30 seconds of a bodyweight strength move. You’ll do four rounds with a quick 30 second warm-up for a total-body, total-toning calorie-torching workout.

Since the workout utilizes time instead of repetitions, do whatever you can do during the 30 second intervals and take breaks if you need to. It’s not easy, but if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

The Workout:

Warm up: 15 seconds jogging in place/15 seconds jumping jacks

1. 30 seconds squats
2. 30 seconds burpees
3. 30 seconds alternating forward lunges
4. 30 seconds burpees
5. 30 seconds alternating backward lunges
6. 30 seconds burpees
7. 30 seconds push-ups
8. 30 seconds burpees

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Youssef Jouini says:

i like that workout but its hard to do it at home

vinitha Rocky says:

wow nice one morning I tried this , sweated a lot , highly recommended for a total body workout ☺

Frank Zapp says:

Awesome workout.. I haven't break a sweet like this since long time by now thanks!!!

Memeorandum of Understanding says:

can't even do 4 reps of burpees…. 🙁

souvik mukherjee says:

Thanks a lot for such a great inspiring workout video… I just loved it!! 💗💗

ashutosh Kshetri says:

Oh my god i did this exercise with them it is so tiring

Talat Ansari says:

this is such an underrated channel😣

Lidia Jastrzębska says:

I didnt expect this to be so fun 🙂 Its a great warm up before strenght training 🙂

Ms Nobody says:

OMG had my heart rate to the roof. Perfect quick morning workout. Subscribing.

Msen Nlar says:

Bowflex the best

Darcie Michna says:

Nice workout video thanks

Lawstidentity says:

I hate burpees and I would never do a separate routine of burpees lol

nlc17 says:

Fun! But I don't understand why some trainers don't actually do the wkout, or at least some of the exercises. Why even be in the video, just be a background voice. He didn't even demonstrate.

arunima roy says:

I have tried this..thanx for the video.. it's really awesome

Purple Puma says:

I love this workout thank you for sharing it

Vinicius Oliveira says:

awesome Quick workout! gave me that Crazy heart pump, and right after I started to sweat. thanks, I skipped my training today and I was feeling guilty for not having done It. now I am feeling great thanks a Lot.

Vinicius Oliveira says:

I AM going to try this right now

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