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2013 & 2014 Trainer Of The Year, Mike Dolce, breaks down the 3 step process to building show stopping ABS! As always, Mike keeps it simple and gives you the tools you need to start making GAINZ immediately! Mike details… 1) Diet Strategy 2) 3 Specific Exercises 3) Rest Protocol

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Paul Thompson says:

Unmolested meet I got to put that on a shirt

Evan Williams says:

Like every other guy on the planet, I`ve wanted six pack abs forever. I found this guide “suza great plan” (Google it). I lost 34 pounds in Eight weeks, dropped to 5.4% body fat and FINALLY got Six pack abs in less than 30 minutes of exercise every day WITHOUT stepping foot into a gym.

Timo Franke says:

You said that when we walk in life we're already workin highreps and that there's another time and place for that but then you suggest to do the exercises in high reps again. Isn't that contrary? Maybe I got something wrong! Got my subscribtion nad like anyway. 😉

b6amino says:

hey dolce im a really heavy dude i have always weighed heavy but never looked it like right now im slim but im 190 pounds 5'10 i dont have abelly but im jiggly and i want to strength train but i want to go to light weight 155 and i dunno how to weight beig strong af

rohinishrampersad rohinish says:

heyy dolce
should we eat 3 big meals till full???????
or we should eat 6-8 small meals a day???
I am confused! and if I don't eat well I feel weak!

Charlie Dell says:

Im 5"10 and 145 pounds but skinny af

Elton Toledo says:

2 grams of protein per lb !?

Yoav Baron says:

Is swimming a good enough exercise? I have back problems and that's the only thing I can do… Please reply, love your videos and trying to cut that injury weight ):

Joseph Guitarzan says:

More more moreeeee

aljacko1 says:

Raw honest advice. Cheers.

Peter Wall says:

Mike dolce. the most motivating guy in the world!

Jimmy Flinn says:

Awesome advice and funny as

Josue Crespo says:

how can i burn fat quickly

Josue Crespo says:

hey bro i am a 200 lbs 5' 7" but not fat jus a little belly i just want to get to 180 lbs it has been 2 years since i don't work out

Joshua Lamontagne says:

What is your position on calorie monitoring? Also micro nutrition ratios? As in carbs, fat, protein about.

Mario Del Toro says:

Great videos, great stuff, and great knowledge. My only question is, is it OK to have a once in awhile "bad" meal for example McDonald's, Whatatburger, Wingstop, street tacos. I am willing to make the sacrifice to make the gains. But want if a once awhile "bad" can be ok while still making a commitment and having discipline to the diet and exercise?

Tim Adamson says:

mike this videos are amazing you and onnit have inspired me a be nutritionist I follow all of your ideas

ian ray says:

this is now my fave youtube chanel

rionman1 says:

Finally, somebody who knows his shit. Keep spreading the word, man. You're awesome!

Gene Rich says:

Hey Mike, thanks again for another informative video!
I was curious as to what grass fed, hormone free protein powder it is you would recommend? +DolceDiet 

Lupu Catalin says:

Can i build muscles on a ketogenic diet?

Yassine Henni says:

is a good 10 min abs workout 3 time a week enough to build some abs ?

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