Bruce Lee DIET For Six-Pack Abs: Review Of What He Ate

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A video that reviews the diet of Bruce Lee. What he ate and how did Bruce Lee get six-pack abs with his diet is shown in this video.

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— Disclaimer: Consult a physician or other medical specialist before starting a (new) workout regime. You are responsible for your own health. I am not responsible for any kind of injury or problems you might get following the usage of the information given in this video. This video is meant for educational purposes. It cannot be used as a replacement for professional guidance. Always starts your workout with a proper warm up! —

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Manish LEe Manish LeE says:

master bruce lee is king of kungfu martial arts evergreen all time and all days evergreen great amazing super master brucelee is very intelligent very strong very strength good super and all master brucelee movements and all demo videos movies photos very super evergreen and master brucelee is food and juice drink health information very very super great amazing and I am from indian and I am biggest fans master tiger brucelee super evergreen great legend and all martial arts thanks for all and all master tiger brucelee fans thanks for all super powerful gerat legend

Marek Pająk says:

There is no magic recipe, only fasting. Fasting is very difficult because modern diet and abundance of food has conditioned us to experience all kinds of cravings. The cravings are like heroin withdrawal for some people.


Top role models Bruce lee and Muhammad Ali

Timbro says:

First of all does the protein shake not taste good

Biggie Smalls says:

would people recommended this or fasting

m hol says:

are you dutch? and thanks for the video !

evomoralesCO says:

I'm sure he ate white rice. It's easier to digest. Bodybuilders used to eat white rice too.
Lee's diet is the best proof that neither white rice nor carbs in general make you fat like low carb gurus want us to believe.
Bruce preferred Chinese food because it emphasized more on veggies and fruits rather than on too much meat like the Western diet.

Ruuths Inn says:

Bruce just ate burgers all the time.

Priyanka Kapoor says:

do you tell me how to fit at home with out gym and gym material 

Bunthan Sephieroth Kong says:

portion size i been working along with my nutrition and it helps alot

Mason Johnson says:

So will doing this diet help lose belly fat and loose skin and get six pack abs along with working out? And do you have a video or any tips on how to lose leg fat and tighten the loose skin up?

S D says:

yea… and where's bruce lee today? lol

Esther J. Griggs says:

The crucial factor to effectively build six pack abs is not how hard exercises you are taking, it is all about eating routine

Bewar A. Mohammed says:

Hi, I like your videos! I have a question.
Whats the best time to consume a protein shake? Any advice? THANKS (:

Jonathan Jimenez says:

bruce believed in a high carb diet so did Steve Reeves both men have great natural builds

Rishi Sharma says:

nice bruce lee diet tips. when I was starting my journey of losing weight 12 years back, I brought many motivational books to motivate myself in achieving my goal. One such book was Bruce Lees famous quotes. I got motivated by Bruce Lee for his Philosophy on life and how he used it practically. He was a major in Philosophy. I admire Bruce Lee the Philosopher and then Bruce Lee the Martial Artist. Not many people can use philosophy in day to day life. Thats why Bruce Lee was great.

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