Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing Abs Workout

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Increase your punching power! Learn a basic boxing ab workout that will help you in your boxing training.

Expert: Leo Cardenas
Bio: Leo Cardenas is a professional boxer. He went pro at age 21, and boxed professional for 4 years.

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Maida Dutcher says:

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og8997889 says:

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Bergur Magnussen says:

cant you just do this against a wall?

Amir Keyrain says:

can i throw to the wall? *forever alone*

Peter Ahn says:

@Cburgtiger he wants you to grow arms on your abs

Dalton Lucas says:

@yoman258 what do you mean "throw with your abs??"

Imran Aslam says:

@emilang Tard.

emilang says:

ERECTus abdomanus lolwat

Max Grant says:

Wow he was enthusiastic

Observant Pothead says:

u said ERECT…us

timmyxtango says:

he spelt "throw" wrong

Eddy9lives says:

can you use a wall if you dont have a partner?

cryingindian says:

cant do these alot without doing the opposing motion for the back though. I learned that the hard way and fucked my back lol

awacs52 says:

Yes thats correct. I get all my trainees to crunch with this method but the lower back remains on the floor whilst the shoulder elevate, due to the contracting abdominals.

cryingindian says:

if you get the guy to get off his feet then its all abs and the hips just balance you

awacs52 says:

This doesnt work your abs aswell as most believe… it activates more your hip flexors as the protagonist muscle and your abdominals as a fixator. Thats is to say that your abs are only stabilising whilst your hip flexors are contracting.

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