Bowflex HVT Full 18 Minute Workout

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This is the NEW Bowflex HVT machine. It’s Hybrid Velocity Training – cardio and strength combined into one of the most effective workouts ever designed. The Bowflex HVT machine’s dynamic coaching console features 3 workout modes, resistance adjustment at the turn of a dial and an intuitive interface to provide instant feedback while keeping you motivated and on track. Plus, Built-in Bluetooth® smart technology and the FREE Bowflex HVT APP for iOS and Android provide access to 50 full length trainer-led videos that will guide you every step of the way! Learn more here:

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Alex Yoon says:

it seems like you can do everything and more with bowflex that has power rods. what are the main differences? except four time more price?

Samaya Sacrey says:

His form is trash

John Humphrys says:

They shure munkey around alot

Tim Thompson says:

The HVT is great if you have a lot going on and not much time. 20 minutes a day and you'll be fit a fiddle.

Aaron K says:

How often should this workout me done?

Jeff Caldwell says:

I wish there was a way to sample this machine before purchasing it. I want to purchase one through a work-purchase program, but I'm not sure if the big price tag is worth it. I need to know that this is something I'll be consistent with and it'll get me to the results I'm seeking.

James Staton says:

I have this machine Bo love it

granville watson says:

i purchaced one about two months ago, one of the best purchases i have ever made.

Nunsuch says:

Lies. You cannot lose weight and gain muscle concurrently.

ralph garcia says:

Just purchased last week should be here today cant wait!

Murray Brown says:

I’ll take my free weights selecttech dumbbells, my bench, and bands, plus my Apple Watch fitness app any day of the week…

Geobound John says:

I just ordered the Bowflex 560 promo kit (560's + stand + bench), and would have like to order this at the same time to capitalize on the Cyberweek sale, but I couldn't get an answer on here or via your chat system. Will there be a similar promo at Christmas/Boxing Day as I can wait until then? Thanks.

Geobound John says:

I love the concept of this machine, but am worried that the resistance levels won't be hard enough in a few months. I'm sure you have some fit people there that can comment on the levels that they use. Also, would there be a possible future update to make the resistance harder? I tried to see what the male in this videos levels were at, but the camera angles seem to miss it every time?

Angela Butler says:

I was considering buying the Nordictrack Fusion CST. I like that Bowflex shows a full workout video and how it looks. Can you tell me what makes this system better? I did not notice any particular resistance exercises particularly for the legs. Does it have works outs like the Nordictrack which use the pulleys and ankle straps as the other system? Also, the other system's video implies there would be more cardio with the demonstrating athletes jumping from side to side or to the back and front, etc. does this system have similar workouts that incorporate more movement using the cables?

Kari Mason says:

I just got one & it is amazing, but I have a question…I need core exercises it’s not really getting my core at all. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do for my core? There’s only 3 core exercises & I’m sure there are more I just don’t know what to do

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