Body Fat Percentage for Six Pack Abs

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Greg O’Gallagher (Kinobody) in this video titled “Body Fat Percentage for Six Pack Abs”

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Shehryar khan says:

You look like arnold

Addiv Colobers says:

My body fate is 10% but still my abs no sho i don't know why please help

Rinus Nago says:

visit to flores island in indonesia.

leo8505 says:

thanks kinobody! you're awesome.

TheLuckPortal XYZ says:

What's the minimum body fat percentage you can have without any hormonal side effects?

TheLuckPortal XYZ says:

I had abs at like 17%
It was because of the development of them.

Mr S Is the Best says:

10 or under

jacky too says:

I have 13 percent body fat having 7 v fat = belly
So any thoughts on this?


you are ridiculously good looking.

natalie campbell says:

Hi there. ..what's the average bf for.a lady? …from your video info….I'm.working out.too often…and.I'm.not.getting the results I.want…I'm changing that from tomorrow tho…

forbiddenXsanctuary says:

Dude you have so many programs out that idk which one is your main one. I just need one to build muscle and get ripped. Which program is that?

Living Dead Paradox says:

What body fat% are you here? 

I want to get down around 172 lbs give or take. But I don't know what body fat % I would be. I wish I could know. I'm currently 5-11 at 185 I believe. 

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