Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Ab Burner!

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Tone, Sculpt and shred those abs with Billy Blanks! Get your core ready for summer weather with this high intensity 10 minute ab routine.

This workout is perfect for any time of day. Weather its early in the morning before work, or right after your weight lifting routine. If you’ve got the will, Tae Bo® Fitness is the way!

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Qweasd12 H says:


Hephzibah Makhetha says:

Thank you for availing exercise help on YouTube

A.z Cuizon says:

Love tae bo!

NatzSoFab says:

This is what I need some good ole tae bo 🤜🤜🤜🤜

Erica Ratzon says:

Billy is so awesome…love this workout

Esther Albrechtsen says:


Can't Relate says:

I always come back to this video it’s amazing

Mia7189 says:

Thank you, Billy!

T. O. says:

Billy is so fine! Yum!

Annette Sulewski says:

I love Tae Bo! I would love to see a boot camp abs workout that's 20 minutes long.

cintia aguilar says:

Some encanta thank you

Zebo Shamsutdinova says:

Billy ,you are. the best!Thanks a lot for your job.

Claudia yaneth Castro says:

Saludos me gusta mucho tus ejercicios hasta ahora estoy empezando pero me ha ayudado mucho

Arisleida Luna bautista says:

This he great

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