Best Of Strong Girls In Sleeves Workout And Posing – Part 6

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6-th part with muscle girls in sleeves training and posing.
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Enjoy 🙂

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Sergio Flores says:

I saw women. No bodybuilders

Manoo42 says:

Needs more bikinis…

حمزة الوالي says:

The name of the girl in the picture plz

thomas murphy says:

Iv seen more meat on good Friday 😂

Perry Robitionate says:

Can you do a similar video for calves? (I know, I know; given the sad state of affairs in the fitness world regarding calves, you could probably only feature a handful of gals, starting with Tiffany Boyer )

Junkdrunk247 says:

Who else came here for "just" the sleeves? Don't judge me

Timothy Roberts says:

Pretty and strong.

James Timm says:

Hey how's it going hope all is well what's new and exciting

Balls Deep says:

These ladies can get da D

Howard Johnson says:

Man, I’ll take them all on.

Steve Hunt says:

0:36!!! ABS

Steve Hunt says:


The Health Body Fitness says:

Women are The Gift to Man Variety of Different Women 😉 Powerful 💪

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