BEST OF GIRLS WITH ABS | Workout Posing Flexing – PART 4

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4th compilation about girls with crazy abs, workout and flex.
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All names are included in video! (22 girls featured)

Reeck – Apart
Rival & Cadmium – Just Breathe (feat. Jon Becker)

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Paul Mitchell says:

Girls we can all see your abs without you grabbing your fake tits and pulling them up lol, wtf?

Francesco Coletta says:


Billy Mitchell says:

All are beautiful with sexy bods

אוריין לוי says:

יפות מאוד

Celebrities got To go says:

Why is this on my recommendation

Michael Delugg says:

It's wonderful to see their hard work pay off so beautifully!!

yy7 ff says:


shalalalala funvideos says:

Yeah six pack in a girl, so attractive. As long as Shes not flashing them all the time. Otherwise, it's just gross.

John Northrop says:

Much respect! Abs can't be faked. Hard work…that's an attractive quality in a woman…she knows how to be dedicated. I dont csre for the barbie makeup or b.c. the fake boobs… but abs aren't found on lazy people.

Stefan Milivojevic says:

3:17 is the best

Corkfish1 says:

Why would a woman want man-abs?

Kamote Raider says:

most girls with abs have in fact large clits!

zuwaara ahmed says:

woow amazing❤️👈

Cameron Gray says:

66 fat chicks disliked this video

виктор свет says:

очень удобно ,стиральная доска всегда с собой

Marcel Webb says:

Dear dude this is awesome

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