Best Lower Abs Exercises For Belly Fat?

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tritosac says:

Steve, 100% agree with you. Spot reduction never works. It boils down to calories in calories out. The exercises will create more definition ONLY if body fat is reduced. That involves eating a sensible diet, drinking plenty of water (water is really the only thing people should ever drink anyways) and getting sufficient rest. I have been weight training for 20 years though I primarily run these days I still hit the weights to strength train 3 times a week. I have a 6 pack and have maintained one for many years and I am 40 now. The only ab exercise I do are good old fashioned situps-weighted situps at that. I know that my having a 6 pack is a combination of several factors I have already mentioned above. Having a low body fat percentage is the only way people will see the definition in their abs or any muscle group for that matter. Diet-clean diet of natural foods-you don't have to eat tofu and bean sprouts but good lean protein, plenty of vegetables and complex carbs plus water and good sleep habits. It's simple formula but the simple formula seems to be too hard for those looking for the shortcut who want their cake and eat it too-going out drinking alcohol, eating junk and then chasing the magic pill or magic exercise routine.

Chris The Vigilante! says:

People take calorie restriction to the extreme! They do this "super cut" and end up starving themselves only to have a relapse. Great video content as always Uncle Steve!!

Virgin Gains says:

Looking lean, Steve!  I can see progress has been made for sure since just a couple of videos ago.

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