Best Lower Ab Workout

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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Kelsey Lee has a workout designed specifically for you lower abs! This workout will help you get rid of your muffin top and pooch! Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

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Aatika Alia says:

If anyone gives me 400 likes the. I'll be motivated😊

Lyss0624 says:

great workout but I think it's sad that she has to specify that when she is laughing she's laughing at herself and not us like what dumbass would think she was laughing at us lol

Isabelle Harvie says:

Behind scenes

Gabriel Clark-Alvarado says:

I workout in the morning before breakfast. It helps prevent procrastination if you get it out of the way early in the day, it burns more fat cause your stomach is empty from fasting all night, and it gives you way more energy for the rest of your day thanks to the endorphins!

graeme thompson says:

i wanna seee

Frey Xoxo says:

I love Xhit

kenny beck says:

i couldn’t dofucking half of these

Christina Allison says:

This video was upload on my birthday!!!!

Natalie Taylor says:

Lower leg drops always hurt my neck

Amber Craig says:

I have to workout in the morning

sazyredrose says:

Your workout routine are short n sweet. My fave go-tos. Do you have one that targets underarm fats? Thanks for what you do

Haileigh Garoutte says:

Awesome workout! My abs are burning like crazy

Naomi Clayburn says:

this workout sucks

tanisha shah says:

I sweat so much that I do the workout in the morning before bathing so that I can then wash the sweat away

Justine Pak says:

This kicked my ass

Haidee Jacob says:

exercises is not only for morning.. make a convinient time that suits u. dont forget to eat veggies and fruits its better eat starch food avoid oily and also have to know if your metabolism is fast or slow. the best thing treat yourself once a week. but for me I still do same routine to lose weight fast.discipline and most of all do not lose hope even if it takes a lot of time. keep it up guys .

Abu Muhammad says:

y r there no rest between the excercises in this routine??? T-T

Charon Dorrance says:

I have a similar dream of every other guy on earth – having six pack abs for good. I was told regarding this guide “suza great plan” (Google it). I lost 34 pounds in 8 weeks, dropped to 5.4% body fat and FINALLY got Six pack abs in less than Thirty minutes of exercise daily Without having stepping foot into a gym.

Florence Onwuka says:

do a behind the scenes

Maliaa J says:

but my legs 😩😩

khea parsons says:

Very early in the morning 3 or 5. Just before I go to sleep

Adesewa Olasoko says:

How many calories does this workout burn!

Aimee Akin says:

I work out around 7 am. And this lower ab workout about killed me! In a good way

Aida Waller says:

Hi! Does anyone know how this routine would compare to doing normal crunches?

I've been doing this once a day for a little more than a month and am wondering if it will get me abs faster or slower than the 50-100 crunches a day I did last summer 😛

Casey Elizabeth says:

I work out at night so then I can just crash in my bed after

Viivi Kottari says:

i hate when i get so tired because doing this but at the same time I feel nothing in my abs like there's no pain


My upper thighs hurt more than anything

Laika Schuoler says:

great workout, i'm really feeling it :d
just one problem over here… my back is also killing me during some exercises 🙁

i love to do my workout in the morning 😉

Ayala Benshimon says:

I workout for at least half an hour every day

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