Best exercise to get abs FAST, six pack – Floor Wiper

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Best exercise to get abs FAST, six pack – Floor Wiper. Effective exercise for abdominal muscles. Improve your body for this summer!

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Education & fun with shubham saini says:

Hi sir aapki ye video common creative h m ise use kr lu kya

Nnananahh says:

I can't do this, my lower back/tailbone is under immense pressure and my legs are too heavy in comparison to my upper body, wich ends up tipping over from the weight. I need to hold on to something to counteract the weight of my legs…

Jolynn Lockard says:

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Maxi Peak says:

Is this just for women

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Mz Dimplez says:

This is awesome, I felt the burn as soon as I started. I was looking for different ab exercises because I don't feel the burn or pain anymore from my usual ab workout. Yep, time for some new ones. Thanks

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