Best Diet For 6 Pack Abs

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Best Diet For 6 Pack Abs comes from a question I received on my Instagram DM @PaulRevelia

Diet, Training, Cardio are all important aspects when reaching the coveted 6 pack abs!

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Pawel Prus says:

I agree simply with every bit of this video

Anthony Khallouf says:

Ur gonna be in Melbourne? Arnold’s yeah? Keen to find out more details

Gordo says:

Thank you for these videos 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

H.i.i.t on keto, boom

Betsy Karr Fitness says:

Thank you for sharing such great information. I found your channel yesterday and I've been binge watching. You also inspired me to track my calories to keep myself accountable. I'm on a health journey and your videos are very helpful.

Rudy Valdivia says:

Great video but sounds like you haven't done much research on the benefits of fasting. Alot more than just caloric deficit.

Steve Wez says:

Good to hear you’ve been to Melb. Am from Melb and living in Europe now. Anyway love your vids

Olivia AND Kim Shaffer says:

How long did it take you to reach your goals? What’s your story? How’d you get started?

George Livieratos says:

Oh come on no hormones involved in fasting? What are we talking about here?!! Also it doesn't necessarily mean caloric deficit.. I practise IF and I eat in a surplus but more calories per meal come on put some things in order, please!

Damion Betts says:

I am 45 6' and have been diagnosed with celiac disease…
I've dropped from 265 to 185..
My target is 170.
I've been told by several people at my local gym that i won't be able to build muscle or get a 6 pack because i can't eat gluten..
Is any of this true for

ZnB_TV says:

Anybody have an idea of what bmr should be for somebody 5’5 around 135-140lb.. not much body fat I can see 3 abs clearly

peacefuelo says:

I love this guy. Paul, keep it up pal.

sharninini says:

Paul I've been watching you for over a year and I'm from Melbourne. I would absolutely looooove to meet you when you come to Australia! Will you consider doing a meet up/seminar or something??

Jose Bonilla says:

Maybe a new intro song or none at all.

Marcus Welby says:

Fasting can make it easier to est less vs 4-6 small meals a day. I never felt full that way.

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