Best 7 Minute Abs Workout | Natalie Jill

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In this video Natalie Jill shows us her Best 7 Minute Abs Workout!
We are doing ALL ABS with just your own body weight!

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All you need is a little space and your own body weight.
Here is the best ab workout warm up

Start on the ground, flat on our back (act as though an elephant is standing on your tummy and your back is literally touching the floor), your head is slightly lifted off the ground, lift your hips up, finger tips and toes pointed and shimmy side to side. Lay flat down, toes pointed out front, lift your head up, hands over head and tap your toe to the opposite hand. Essentially, you’re tapping your fingers to your opposite toes.

7 minute ab workout right here:
Best ab exercise #1 Flutter Kicks:
Lay down, lift up and get on your forearms and do flutter kicks.
Cross your legs over and under, staying as low to the ground as possible
Now, take that movement and go four counts up and down, and repeat

Best ab exercise #2 Side Plank:
Get down on the floor and get into a side plank position on your forearm
If you’re a beginner, keep that knee closest to the floor tucked under
If you’re advanced, I want your legs straight
Lift your hips up and HOLD. Now, without moving your body, bring that arm up so that your shoulders are in line with each other, squeeze and continue to hold. If you really want a challenge, left that other leg up and hold onto that position.Side Plank Natalie Jill

Best ab exercise #3 Side Plank Tuck:
Take that arm that is straight up toward the ceiling and tuck it under your abdomen. Do this several times and then turn around and do it on the other side.

Best ab exercise #4 Side Dips:
Place your body in a traditional plank position on your forearms, keeping your hips up and your glutes tight and dip side to side. Just tap the side of your hips like you’re kissing the floor with each side.

Best ab exercise #5 Plank Tuck Walk:
This is our last ab workout and it may feel different to many of you. I call it the “Plank, Tuck, Walk” exercise. I want you to start in a crouch position and walk those hands out into a plank position, HOLD and bring it back in. Remember, it’s important to keeping those abs engaged the entire time. Let’s start with a goal of doing this 5x.

Now repeat this five times!!

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Sarah FSWY says:

Been incorporating this workout (and others from NJ) in my morning routine for the past 4 and a half years now 😍 still one of my favourite in its effectiveness.

ronnethe berry says:

Great abs workout

Amy R says:

Only just found your channel, really enjoyed this 🙂 x

Lisa Fuller says:

I have a metal rod in my back for scoliosis. I love these work out because my body can handle them. Thank you for doing these videos Natalie! They help so many people!

JP.Guillermo says:

Hello. im a 27 male from the Netherlands. great video for beginners! cant pull off all of them, but will try daily. Thank you for the workout. cheers!

Nicole Pryor says:

How many calories do you burn from this workout video?

eatsleeprideandpoop says:

I love the background music! So motivating! Can I have a list of the songs? Thank you Natalie for the workouts! Been following you in instagram and I love your videos! Been working out at home more and I'm seeing changes! This is my fav ab workout! Go Natalie!

Rachel Lane says:

I love these workouts. i no longer go to the gym I'm doing these workouts with Natalie instead. Im saving time, money, and im getting better results. I love how positive and up beat she is. i have told several people about Natalie.

Donna Persell says:

Love it! Great ab workout without the crunches!

Kai says:

Great work out!  Where can I find the FREE 30 day challenge?  The link doesn't open up anything for this.  Thanks!

Stacey DeMartini says:

Loved this! Currently watching your videos while spinning (;

Joanne Jackson says:

Hello, I'm such a huge fan of your videos! Where is the 30 free challenge that is supposed to be attached below? I would love to try but there is nothing here.

GreatestAndGreatest says:

Good music!

Jacob Moralez says:

Can you do leaft handles? ?

Joannie Martin says:

Looking for your 30 day challenge information. Where di i sign up??.. I'm just released back from surgery and I have been following your posts for 5 weeks; im ready to jump in but need a challenging workout to motivate me. Your just the instructor . I watched you on TV, great interview on Hallmark channel. Please help♧♡

Nasi_lemak bungkus says:

Natalie is awesome! I've been following her in IG for a year now. Thanks

Danielle Cardenas says:

Love 7 min about video

Shawnyboo Marie says:

those are the shoes ive been looking everywhere for!!

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